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Since the time William and Mary Brickell - the founding father and mother of Greater Miami and the Beaches - named a tree-lined thoroughfare after their homestead, Brickell Avenue has been associated with wealth and prestige. Now, Brickell, Miami- the international banking and business center of Greater Miami, south of the Miami River - is taking on a new role as a vibrant place to stay, dine and reside.

Upper Brickell is home to Miami and South Florida's financial district as well as the site of many new high-rise luxury condominium and office towers that constantly redefine the Miami skyline. Referred to as the "Manhattan of the South", Upper Brickell is home to the largest concentration of international banks in the United States, mostly along Brickell Avenue, Brickell's main north-south avenue and Miami Avenue. Lower Brickell includes the "Millionaires' Row" section of Brickell Avenue, home to many expensive residences, and home to many of Miami's most expensive apartments and condominiums. Although Upper Brickell has traditionally been known as the financial district, in recent years, construction of numerous condominium and apartment towers in Upper Brickell, has extended the upscale residential neighborhood feel of Lower Brickell into Upper Brickell.

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