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Which eBay Auctions have been the Most Expensive Ever?

July 29th, 2015

When it comes to eBay, they are responsible for bringing in thousands upon thousands of dollars each and every year. With the auctions come fees, but which auctions were the most expensive ever across the entire website?

Honus Wagner Baseball Cards

Honus Wagner baseball cards were once a big issue since many of his cards were pulled out of cigarette packs due to not having his permission to sell them. Since they destroyed mostly all of them, the few that have these cards can make quite a lot of money, since it sold for $1.27 million on eBay. One card, one price and a very rare face.

Lunch Box Collections

Like lunch boxes big and small? Now you can get the whole collection of 675 different boxes from the past. The price? Just $1.7 million to have the entire collection to yourself right off of the website. Of course, some of the lunch boxes do have famous celebrities’ signatures on them, so it makes it worth it.

Atlas F Missile Base

The Atlas F Missile Base which is a home that is nestled right under another home, in order to stay out of the way of destruction. This is a nice little place that is secured from the entire world above it. Selling for $2.1 million, it was a hot commodity with all of the talk of terrorist threats on our land. Why not stay within the beautiful New York area safe and sound?

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Whether you’re searching for something small or large, you’re able to find it on eBay. From the weirdest to the normal, everyone has something to sell and show off right on the website that allows you to search and buy to your heart’s desire. Who knows how much some trinket in your basement might be worth to someone on eBay?

Miami Luxury Store Spotlight: A. LANGE & SÖHNE

July 28th, 2015

In 1845, Ferdinand Adolph Lange began producing a premium watch design known as A. LANGE & SÖHNE. He built the foundation, and set the bar for the watch industry. The company folded after World War II.

Ferdinand’s grandson, Walter Lange, brought A. LANGE & SÖHNE back to life in 1990. He took the time to reestablish the brand that his grandfather had designed so many years ago. He believed in the ability of his grandfathers design, and would see that the A. LANGE & SÖHNE name became known worldwide.

Lang only has an annual production of a few thousand watches that are set in gold or platinum. These watches are carefully crafted, and contain luxurious features that are not seen in other watch manufacturers. Each watch is hand crafted, which makes it unique and highly sought after.

Over the last 20 years, A. LANGE & SÖHNE has produced 51 different calibers and have landed a top spot as being known to be one of the premium watch brands across the globe.

Locations and Hours

There are a variety of A. LANGE & SÖHNE  stores around the world, but one of the most popular locations is 140 North East 39th Street in Miami, Florida. They are open Monday through Sunday from 11am to 6pm. Other locations include Germany, China, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, France, Spain and Japan.

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Every watch goes through a series of testing and assembly before it is finished. This is a prestigious production that takes a lot of time and effort. Because of this, A. LANGE & SÖHNE has become a front runner in the watch industry. They offer a variety of styles and fashion for both men and women. You are sure to get a one of a kind time piece when choosing to purchase a watch form A. LANGE & SÖHNE.

Where will you Find the Best Craft Beer Selection in South Florida?

July 27th, 2015

If you love to drink craft beer, finding the best selection in South Florida is important. Not every shop carries the unique brews and the best choices. Whether you prefer to spend just a few dollars on craft beer or you’re not afraid to spend more than $20 for just one bottle, you need a great craft beer shop. Here are a few of the best in the Miami area.

Funky Buddha Brewery – 1201 NE 38th Street, Oakland Park

The Funky Buddha Brewery is a local spot with plenty of great brews. You can even take a tour of the brewery and enjoy great music if you want to enjoy a pint or two at the brewery. Of course, you can enjoy buying beer to go, as well. They sell it in a 32-ounce or128-ounce growler, which you can bring back to refill at a discount.

Along with the beer, the brewery has a full-size bocce ball court, life size Jenga, foosball and corn hole to keep you busy.

Downstairs – 4900 South LeJeune Road, Coral Gables

If you live in the Coral Gables area, Downstairs is the place for you. They carry all types of beer, wine and spirits. You will find a huge selection of craft beers and you can even get a delicious meal while you’re there.

Old Vines Wine & Spirits – 2250 Coral Way, Miami

This shop fits with the Old Miami vibe of Coral Way. You will find plenty of beer and wine on hand with all kinds of great choices. They always have something unique, such as the 100% natural La Chouffe Houblon Dobelen IPA Triple.

Craft Beer Cartel – 557 SW 12 Avenue, Fort Lauderdale

The Craft Beer Cartel has one of the largest selections in the entire South Florida area. They carry all types of craft beers and specialty items, such as mini kegs. Many of the brews come from Florida breweries, as well.

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There are plenty of other places to get craft beer in South Florida. However, if you are looking for something unique and hard to find, these are the best spots to try.