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Which Wines are the Priciest on the Planet?

October 17th, 2014

Château Cheval Blanc home of one of the most expensive wines in the world

Château Cheval Blanc –

Wine is one of the most sought after substances on the planet. It has been around for many years and has been enjoyed by many. Whether you collect rare wines or just enjoy an expensive wine, you should know which are the most expensive. Here are a few of the most expensive wines found across the globe.

Royal DeMaria – $30K

This Canadian wine is actually an ice wine. It’s produced after the grapes have been frozen on the vine. This gives it a sweeter taste and makes it more like a dessert wine. One of the bottles from the winery sold for $30K back in 2006.

1787 Chateau d’Yquem – $100K

This French wine is one of the most expensive white wines every sold. It went for a little more than $100K during a private transaction a few years ago.

1787 Chateau Lafite – $160K

This very rare wine was bottled in high quality bottle and comes from the personal collection of Thomas Jefferson. The bottle has his initials on it and even though the wine isn’t drinkable anymore, it’s still worth over $315K today. The bottle was last sold back in 1985 for $160K.

1907 Heidsiek – $275K

This bottle of wine was a part of a smaller collection held by the Russian imperial family. They thought it was lost on a ship in 1916, but the wine was discovered in 1997 in the wreckage. Each of the bottles was sold for $275K and it’s not even certain if the wine is drinkable.

1947 Chateau Chavel Blanc – $305K

Coveted as one of the best wines in the world, this bottle is the very best Bordeaux every made. It was sold to an anonymous buyer for nearly $305K at a Christie’s wine auction.

These are just a few of the very expensive wines collectors dream about acquiring. Many others fetch price tags well above the $10K mark and even the $100K mark.

Which Historical Figures were the Wealthiest of All Time?

October 16th, 2014

John D Rockefeller

The single richest man to ever live – John D Rickefeller –

Many dream of becoming rich as children and even as adults. However, some achieve this dream and live in massive mansions. Here’s a look at some of the wealthiest historical figures of all time.

John Jacob Astor

Born in Germany, John Jacob Astor came to America and lived as a businessman, inventor and merchant. He’s most known as the first multi-millionaire in the United States. His fortune topped out around $121 billion in today’s money.

Henry Ford

After creating the Ford Auto Company, Henry Ford amassed his fortune. He did more than just make cars and his fortune topped out around $188 billion dollars before passing.

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William the Conqueror

The ruler of the European empire for about 20 years, William the Conqueror built his wealth by conquering kingdoms nearby. His fortune would be worth about $230 billion today, but it was all divided between his sons and scattered across the land.

Andrew Carnegie

Carnegie was an immigrant from Scotland to Pittsburg. He worked hard for about ten years before becoming the owner of the Carnegie Steel Plant. He was one of the richest men in the country with a fortune worth about $320 billion today. He may have amassed even more if he didn’t donate so much money to museums, schools and libraries.

John D. Rockefeller

Known as the single, richest man ever to live, Rockefeller created his fortune from an oil company. He amassed a fortune of nearly $400 billion and donated a large portion to hospitals and schools, along with the University of Chicago upon his death. He was also the first person in America to make $1 billion.

Have you Seen the $1 Million Toyota?

October 15th, 2014

million dollars Toyota

The luxurious Toyota 2000GT –

Often, when we think of luxurious automobiles, the brand Toyota doesn’t come to mind. However, there is a Toyota worth $1 million.

The $1 million Toyota is a 2000GT and was sold by RM Auctions for more than $1 million. Of course, such a high price tag for a Toyota brings many questions to mind for many luxury automobile buyers. The most common question, is it really worth the cash?

Why is This Toyota Sought After?

The Toyota 2000GT a US collector purchased for more than $1 million is sought after for many reasons including:

•    It’s Very Rare – Only 351 of this specific car were ever produced. They were made between 1967 and 1970.
•    The Car Rivals the Porsche 911 and Jaguar E-Type – When Toyota created the 2000GT, it was made to rival both of these vehicles.
•    It’s a Very Powerful Car – The Toyota 2000GT comes with a six cylinder, 2.0 liter engine and has a top speed of 217km/h.
•    It was in a James Bond Movie – Maybe the biggest draw is the 1967 James Bond movie, “You Only Live Twice,” which featured the vehicle.

Many other reasons have collectors lining up whenever one of these gems hits the market. Only 62 of the 351 have ever made it to the United States, which has caused the vehicle to be a bit less popular here. Even though the vehicle didn’t become incredibly popular after the James Bond film, the ones that have survived have become very sought after vehicles.

The Toyota 2000GT has been called Japan’s most collectible classic car. This certainly has contributed to the more than $1 million price tag paid for the vehicle sold by RM Auctions. It’s a beautiful vehicle with plenty of rarity, even though it’s a Toyota.