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Which Foods are the World’s Rarest?

July 29th, 2014

White Truffles from Alba

White Truffles –

Food is the universal language and even though different parts of the world eat different things, we can all relate to amazing food. Not everybody will have the opportunity to try some of the rarest foods in the world, however. Here are a few of the rarest food items found across the globe.


Most everybody will get to try this one, but it’s known as a very rare food. Saffron is a spice that comes from India and it’s known as one of the best in the world. It’s grown in many other areas of the world now and one pound of saffron requires over 50,000 flowers.

Matsutake Mushroom

Found all over the globe including the United States, Canada, China, Sweden and Finland, this mushroom is most known in Japanese cuisine. It’s both meaty and spicy with a similar texture to a Portobello mushroom. The Matsutake mushroom isn’t easy to produce and it sells for about $90 per kilogram.

Almas Caviar

Known as wealthy dish caviar, in general is expensive. However, the Almas caviar comes from the Beluga Sturgeon fish and sells for up to $15,000 per pound. The fish takes a very long time to mature sand produce eggs, which is what makes this caviar so rare and expensive.

White Truffle

Both black and white truffle is very rare, but the white truffle is even harder to find. It grows in Croatia, Italy and France and is very difficult to cultivate. This truffle can sell for up to $4,200 per pound and the larger ones can sell for even more. A 3.3 pound white truffle sold for $330,000 at auction once.

Bird’s Nest Soup

Known as the “Caviar of the East,” this Chinese soup is very difficult to find. It’s made from cave swifts nests, which is a bird in the area. The nests these birds create are found in caves, which makes it very hard to gather the ingredient for the soup. It can sell for up to $4,500 per pound.

These are just a few of the many rare foods found across the globe. They all come in with high price tags because they are so hard to find, as well.

Which Eco-Powered Yachts are the Best in the World?

July 28th, 2014

Turanor PlanetSolar Yacht during a Miami visit -

Turanor PlanetSolar Yacht during a Miami visit 2010 –

Owning a yacht is one of the ultimate social symbols of being rich.  That’s because it takes a mind blowing amount of money to keep a yacht.  Among the upkeep cost is the cost of fuel.  The bigger yacht can blow through thousands of dollars an hour when operating.  Now there are a number of eco-friendly yachts being produced.  These utilize alternative fuels to both save the environment and the pocketbook.

Arcardia’s Superyacht

One such vessel is Arcardia’s solar powered superyacht.  This yacht is 85 feet long and big enough to house 8 people.  There are solar panels on the roof top that power all the on board amenities.  The yacht itself is powered by organic fuels and is capable of a top speed of 18 knots.  The engine room contains two 20 kilowatt generators to provide more power if needed.

Turanor PlanetSolar Yacht

Turanor PlanetSolar is a solar powered yacht.  There are 512 square meters of solar panels on the rooftop powering 6 separate blocks of batteries.  This yacht went all the way around the world in 20 months powered by nothing but the sun.

Columbus Sport Hybrid Yacht

The Columbus Sport Hybrid yacht uses a Toyota Prius hybrid engine for power.  It runs on electricity and diesel.  Using electricity the yacht can cruise quietly at 7.5 knots.  When more speed is needed it calls upon the diesel engines.  The ship has an aluminum hull.  This means less weight so the yacht is more efficient.  It has three first class cabins and an upper deck that holds 8 people comfortably.

Green Jet Yacht

The Green Jet Yacht is touted as the future of eco-friendly sailing.  It is powered by a sail system that is controlled by the push of a button.  When the sails are not being used, the yacht gets its power from a pair of hydrogen propulsion engines.  While using the sails this yacht has zero emissions and is 100% eco-friendly.

This new generation of yacht designed to be eco-friendly is a great.  It saves the environment and helps the owners spend less in fuel costs.  But don’t get your hopes up that this means yacht will be more affordable.

The Most Amazing “Off The Grid” Homes in the World

July 26th, 2014

Until recently the term living off the grid was used to describe how hippies and criminals were living.  Living off the grid is becoming more main stream.  Living off the grid generally means you are not connected to a city’s electrical grid.  These types of houses are self-sufficient.  They produce all their own electricity and sometimes their own water.

Three Junipers, Arizona is one neighborhood that is off the grid.  These are ranch style homes filled with many glass walls.  The roofs are filled with solar panels to provide solar energy.  It produces enough power to make the homes self-sufficient.  The houses collect rain water that is filtered for regular use.  This rustic community is completely surrounded by nature and is only 20 minutes from the nearest city.

In Yulan, New York there is a small cabin built completely of reclaimed lumber.  Scott Newkirk designed it to be rustic and an escape from the busy world we live in.  There is nothing modern in this home.  There are no computers, no electricity, and no running water.

In LA there is a group called Valhalla California dedicated to building an off the grid community in the middle of town.  The houses do not get electricity or gas from the city.  They use solar energy and recycled water.  The community has a food plot where residents get fresh fruits and vegetables.  The houses are domes making them stronger than a normal house.  The best part is the domes are cheap.  They can be built for about $15,000.

In Canada, Free Spirt Tree Homes are wooden spheres that hang from trees.  They are rustic and unique looking on the outside, but inside they can be quite luxurious.  They range in size from small tree house size building to normal house size with several rooms.

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Living off the grid can be an amazing experience.  Many people don’t think they can do without all the modern conveniences of life, but they quickly find out how enjoyable and relaxing life can be without all the distractions of modern living.