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Art Basel Coming Back to Miami Beach in December

October 27th, 2014

Art Basel Miami Beach December 2014

Art Basel Miami Beach December 2014 –

Art Basel Miami Beach is known as one of the largest and most prestigious art events in the world. This event will happen from December 4th to December 7th and will attract plenty of celebrities, rich dignitaries, CEOs and others. Many will travel to Miami Beach from all over the world to enjoy the amazing art shows.

Many of the best exhibits have been timed to fit with the Art Basel event. South Florida’s top museums will display the best of the best from private collections for visitors to enjoy during this event. Some of the exhibits scheduled include:

•    One Way: Peter Marino – The Bass Museum of Art
•    Impulse, Reason, Sense, Conflict/Abstract Art in the Ella Fontanals-Cisernos Collection – The Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation
•    Collection Overview/50 Years of Marriage – The Rubell Family Collection
•    RAW: Klara Kristalova – The Norton Museum of Art
•    Myth and Machine: The First World War in Visual Culture – The Wolfsonian-FIU
•    Cafe Dolly: Picabla, Schnabel, Willumsen – NSU Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale
•    Beneath The Surface – de la Cruz Collection Contemporary Art Space

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Along with these special exhibits, The Margulies Collection at the Warehouse will provide works by all types of famous artists to celebrate their 15th anniversary.

Over 250 of the best art galleries from all over the world will participate in Art Basel. This event draws more than 70,000 visitors every year and will provide:

•    A selection from 13 art-historical projects
•    Nine Solo Shows
•    Four Thematic Presentations
•    Premier Art from Modern Masters
•    Five Gallery Sectors
•    Project Based Sectors
•    And so much more!

The event will be held at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Many other special events will also be held at restaurants and other Miami Beach attractions throughout the area.

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Why has Miami Become a First Stop for Luxury Real Estate Buyers?

October 24th, 2014

luxury real estate in Miami Florida

Miami luxury real estate

Miami has been a popular spot for nightlife and luxury for many years. However, it has just recently become a top spot for luxury real estate, over the past decade. The city is full of great places to live and plenty of luxurious properties. Here are a few reasons why Miami has become a first stop for many luxury buyers.

Future Looks Bright

Luxury buyers often look at the place they live as an investment. This makes Miami very appealing because the future looks very bright for the city and the luxury market here.

The city has attracted many celebrities and business owners over the past decade and is growing faster than normal. This makes Miami a popular spot for luxury buyers because they know the promising future means higher home values and more real estate opportunities.

Development of Area Businesses

As the city grows, many businesses are coming to the Miami area. These businesses are global and commercial, which provide plenty of new opportunities for those in the area. This makes Miami a prime location for luxury buyers because more business opportunities will lead to even more growth.

Investment Value

As luxury buyers look at the right place to live for the amenities provided and the investment value, they see Miami as a top spot. This is due to the increasing values of home within the city, especially on the luxury market. Buyers want a great city and a great investment. With Miami, they get both.

All this, along with the incredible growth, has made Miami one of the first stops for luxury real estate buyers looking for both a desirable location and a great investment.

Which Wines are the Priciest on the Planet?

October 17th, 2014

Château Cheval Blanc home of one of the most expensive wines in the world

Château Cheval Blanc –

Wine is one of the most sought after substances on the planet. It has been around for many years and has been enjoyed by many. Whether you collect rare wines or just enjoy an expensive wine, you should know which are the most expensive. Here are a few of the most expensive wines found across the globe.

Royal DeMaria – $30K

This Canadian wine is actually an ice wine. It’s produced after the grapes have been frozen on the vine. This gives it a sweeter taste and makes it more like a dessert wine. One of the bottles from the winery sold for $30K back in 2006.

1787 Chateau d’Yquem – $100K

This French wine is one of the most expensive white wines every sold. It went for a little more than $100K during a private transaction a few years ago.

1787 Chateau Lafite – $160K

This very rare wine was bottled in high quality bottle and comes from the personal collection of Thomas Jefferson. The bottle has his initials on it and even though the wine isn’t drinkable anymore, it’s still worth over $315K today. The bottle was last sold back in 1985 for $160K.

1907 Heidsiek – $275K

This bottle of wine was a part of a smaller collection held by the Russian imperial family. They thought it was lost on a ship in 1916, but the wine was discovered in 1997 in the wreckage. Each of the bottles was sold for $275K and it’s not even certain if the wine is drinkable.

1947 Chateau Chavel Blanc – $305K

Coveted as one of the best wines in the world, this bottle is the very best Bordeaux every made. It was sold to an anonymous buyer for nearly $305K at a Christie’s wine auction.

These are just a few of the very expensive wines collectors dream about acquiring. Many others fetch price tags well above the $10K mark and even the $100K mark.