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Which Restaurant is the Most Expensive in the World?

December 17th, 2014

Sublimotion ibiza

Sublimotion ibiza –

Many fine dining establishments provide dishes with high price tags. From a burger costing more than $100 to a premium steak pushing the $500 price tag, there are plenty of restaurants where you can enjoy some of the best dishes in the world for a price. However, there can only be one restaurant known as the most expensive in the world.


Found in Ibiza in the Balearic Islands, this is the most expensive restaurant, which is set to open in the summer of 2015. Ibiza is known as the party capital of the work, but it will also offer the most expensive restaurant in the world very soon.

Diners will have the choice of some of the best cuisines from all over the world. The meal will come with an average cost of about $2,075 per person.

Chef Paco Roncero will be managing the project. He used to work at La Terraza del Casino de Madrid, which is known for a very innovative menu. His talents will bring some of the most unique dishes to the menu with plenty of flare.

SubliMotion is set to open on June 1st of 2015.

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Other Highly Expensive Restaurants in the World

SubliMotion isn’t the only expensive restaurant out there. Some of the other very expensive restaurants found across the globe include:

•    Kitcho, Kyoto, Japan – $660 per person
•    Restaurant Le Maurice, Paris – $509 per person
•    Masa, New York City – $450
•    Maison Pic, Valence, France – $445 per person
•    Aragawa, Tokyo – $370 per person
•    Ithaa, Maldives – $320 per person

SubliMotion will easily become the most expensive restaurant, as it’s more than three times as expensive as the current restaurant with the title as the most expensive restaurant in the world.

The Neighborhood for the Uber-Rich: Indian Creek Village

December 15th, 2014

Indian Creek Country Club

Indian Creek Country Club –

Big homes, gorgeous weather and plenty of luxury cars is exactly what you’ll find in Miami’s neighborhood of Indian Creek Village. Along with the huge homes, there are plenty of fine dining restaurants, all types of entertainment and so much more. This area of Miami offers all types of great things for those with the cash to afford it.

Indian Creek Village provides plenty of homes with amazing views. Many of the properties are waterfront and provide plenty of water access. This is the place for the richest individuals in the world including many business moguls and celebrities.

Many may think South Beach is the place for the ultra-rich because of all the attention it gets. However, those with a keen eye and a true sense of luxury know that the island of Indian Creek is the place for the uber-rich. This island isn’t found in plain view, but instead on a barrier island found on Biscayne Bay. It has been called the “Billionaire Bunker” and four of the richest people in America live own homes on the island. Some of the rich and famous with homes in Indian Creek Village include:

•    Carl Icahn – Activist Investor
•    Eddie Lampert – Hedge Fund Manager
•    Norman Braman – Car Dealership Owner
•    Charles Johnson – Mutual Fund Mogul
•    Jaime Galinski – Columbian Billionaire
•    Julio Iglesias
•    Don Shula
•    Elle MacPherson
•    And Others!

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Many of the richest and most famous have homes in the area, which range in price from around $28 million up to more $40 million. There are 86 residences in total and some include 100-foot swimming pools, or more than 10 bedrooms, 3D theaters, Recording Studios and many other luxury features.

If you’re really looking for the top luxury neighborhood in the Miami area, Indian Creek Village is the right choice.

Which LEGO Sets are the Most Expensive on the Market?

December 12th, 2014

Star Wars Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon

Millennium Falcon –

Did you grow up loving to build homes, cars, airplanes and other things with LEGOS? This very popular toy usually ranges from just a few dollars to about $100 for a very large set. However, some of the LEGO sets are quite a bit more expensive. Here’s a look at some of the most expensive LEGO sets found on the market.

Mobile Crane MK II – $220

This set of LEGOS comes from the Technic line and provides many complicated parts. It’s actually recommended for kids ages 11 to 16, which is quite abnormal for a LEGO set.

Star Wars Ewok Village – $250

It’s no real surprise that a Star Wars LEGO set would have a high price tag. This set is very expensive, but does come with a large assortment of mini-figurines with incredible detail.

Star Wars Sandcrawler – $300

Another Star Wars set making the list is known as one of the best sets out there. This set is hard to assemble because about 90% of the parts are brown. It also contains 2,500 pieces and it much like putting together a mosaic puzzle.

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Sydney Opera House – $320

When this set is put together it resembles the Sydney Opera House quite well. It’s a very pricey set, but does provide something very unique.

Star Wars Death Star – $400

Star Wars certainly dominates this list and the Death Star has to be included. Many would consider this to be the largest and the msot expensive set, but not quite. However, it does have over 3,800 bricks.

Star Wars Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon – $500

The most expensive LEGO set on the market today is the Millennium Falcon. This set is not exactly found on shelves anymore, however. It may have a MSRP of $500, but many collectors have paid as much as $1,200 for a sealed set.

These are the most expensive LEGO sets found today. Whether you love to collect or play with them, you can find plenty of fun from this list of expensive LEGO sets.