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Where are the Most Expensive Blocks in the United States?

April 23rd, 2014

Gables Estates in Coral Gables Florida

Luxurious Gables Estates in Coral Gables, Florida

Every city in the US has a street or area known as the expensive part of the city. Some of these types of areas attract a number of celebrities and plenty of wealthy residents. They gain nicknames, such as “billionaire row” or “millionaire row.” Here are the most expensive blocks found in the United States.

Fifth Avenue New York from 69th to 70th

The most expensive block in New York City is found on Fifth Avenue. This part of the city provides some of the most expensive homes including a townhouse for $28 million. It’s located next to the Frick Museum.

Leucadendra Drive, North of Arvida Parkway in Miami

Miami has many very expensive areas, but this block found on Leucadendra Drive is the most expensive. It’s the block where the Gable Estates is found, which is full of waterfront homes with a Mediterranean-style design. Many of these homes go for $6 to $9 million.

Broadway and Presidio between Vallejo, Broderick and Lyon in San Francisco

San Francisco is home to many very expensive areas, but the most expensive is found where Presidio and Broadway meet. This area has attracted residents, such as Peter Sperlings, Gordon Getty and Larry Ellison. The homes here have gone for over $50 million on a regular basis.

Rock Creek Park in Washington D.C.

The Rock Creek Park area found near the Naval Observatory is the most expensive in Washington D.C. Specifically, the area between McGill Terraces and the park on Woodland Drive provides the most expensive homes in the area. Some are as expensive as $875 million and this has been the home of Vice President Dick Cheney.

These are a few of the most expensive blocks found throughout the United States. Many other areas are very expensive, as well, but theses blocks are found at the top of the list.

A Luxury Collection of Home Decor from Bentley Motors

April 22nd, 2014

Luxury Home Collection from Bentley Motors

Luxury collection of Home Decor from Bentley Motors –

Bentley has long been known for the many beautiful vehicles they’ve created. However, they recently announced the debut of their new line of luxury furniture. It debuted at the Maison & Objet fair in Paris with plenty of other luxury brands on display.

This launch was a follow up to the capsule collection launched last year. The new line features many new pieces and was developed by Carlo Columbo and Daniele Ceccomori. They released a number of items for the home and for the office all with ultra-luxury features.

This luxury line of home furnishings includes:

•    Harlow – A line of coffee tables made with steel and metal. The gun-metal grey finish provides a beautiful look with the onyx or leather coating finishing the piece.
•    Richmond – This line of sofas, armchairs and chaise lounges provides the best in seating. Each piece features a veneer finish or leather covers, along with line cashmere velvet.
•    Sherbourne & Kingsbridge – A collections of leather-coated cabinets featuring veneered fronts and plenty of other luxury features, these cabinets are perfect for true luxury.
•    Madeley & Kendal – This is a collection of meeting tables designed with curved wood panels and accompanied by refined Kendal chairs. You can even get the Bentley logo embroidered into the chairs.
•    Canterbury – The bed for the collection, which features an imposing headboard with leather coating. It comes with a duvet cover and the most luxurious feel possible with high-quality fabric and wood pulp used to create even more softness and smoothness.

All of these pieces were on display at the fair in Paris. Bentley has certainly made a splash in the luxury home furnishing market and provides some of the best pieces you will find. For more information about this luxury collection you can visit their website at,

Discover the Omphoy Ocean Resort

April 19th, 2014

Omphoy Ocean Resort

Ocean Resort –

Palm Beach, Florida is home to a great place to relax and enjoy plenty of sunshine. The Omphoy Ocean Resort is designed to help guests unwind near the beach. The word “Omphoy” means “peace gift,” which is exactly what the resort provides.

Not only is the resort gorgeous, but it also provides incredible views. The view from the balcony and from many other parts of the resort provides a look at the amazing beauty of the Atlantic Ocean.


The resort provides some of the most amazing food you will ever taste. The breakfast buffet provides everything from egg-white frittatas to fresh-cut fruit and a variety of artisanal muffins. This is a great way to start your day and you can even enjoy one of the delicious juices with your meal.


Along with incredible views and amazing dining options, the Omphoy Ocean Resort provides many other amenities, such as:

•    Outdoor Swimming Pool
•    Non-Smoking Rooms
•    Room Service
•    Flat Screen TV
•    Outdoor Dining & Lounge Area
•    High Speed Internet
•    Private Meeting Rooms
•    Lounge and Bar
•    Spa
•    Business Center
•    And More!

This resort provides all the necessary luxuries and it’s just ten minutes from the Palm Beach International Airport. It’s a great choice for honeymooners, business trips, relaxation, golf, romance and more.

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The Spa

The resort is home to a small spa with a large variety of services. They provide eight different kinds of facials, eight massages, two body wraps and more. They even provide a number of nail services, a long list of waxing choices and massages after 8pm for guests arriving late.

If you need a place to relax and you want to get away from the city, the Omphoy Ocean Resort is the perfect choice. Just steps away from the beautiful beach, this resort is perfect for relaxation and rest.