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Are there any Floating Hotels Found Across the Globe?

July 21st, 2014

river kwai jungle rafts

River Kwai Jungle Rafts –

Why stay in a regular hotel when there are much more adventurous options available?  There are a number of great floating hotels around the world.  These hotels offer guest an unforgettable stay that will be remembered for a life time.

River Kwai Jungle Rafts Resort – Kanchanaburi, Thailand

This hotel is a string of jungle rafts anchored to each other and secured in the middle of the river.  The hotel has 120 rooms filled with wooden furniture, bamboo walls, and wick lamp lighting.  There is also a hammock and deck to sun and swim from.  There is a restaurant available for dining.  The rooms have no electricity and are only cooled by the flow of water underneath.

The Queen Mary – Long Beach, California

One of the most iconic cruise ships of all times, The Queen Mary was one of the original ocean liners traveling between the US and Great Britain.  Docked in Long Beach since the sixties, The Queen Mary offers guest the chance to see what it would have been like to travel back in the 1930s.  It has kept all the art work and styling just like it was originally.

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Yellow Submarine, Joker Boat, and Titanic Hotel – Liverpool, England

In Liverpool, England there are three small floating hotels next to each other.  The Yellow Submarine is decorated as a tribute to the Beatles.  The Joker is modeled after the character of the Joker in Batman.  The Titanic is a perfect reproduction of a first class lounge on the Titanic.  These hotels can sleep between 6 and 9 people.  Staying here is not cheap though.  These hotels go for between $300 and $700 a night.

These hotels offer a different experience for travelers.  These are a great way to get off the beaten path and enjoy a unique trip you will remember forever.

Where are the Most Luxurious Developments in Miami?

July 15th, 2014

Miami luxury development 1000 Museum

1000 Museum Downtown Miami FL –

In a city like Miami you would expect to see some off the wall developments.  There are plenty of people in Miami with enough money to do just about anything.  If there is someone with an idea, there will be someone with enough money to do it.

Porsche Design Tower Miami

One of the most luxurious developments in Miami is the Porsche Design Tower Miami.  This is a 60 story apartment building with 132 units.  The main feature here is each unit has its own car elevator that transports the resident’s cars directly to their homes.  There are even 6 man caves on one floor that residents can purchase.

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Bath Club Estates North Beach

Bath Club Estates is 13 residences in the North Beach Historic District.  Each unit gets a customized interior finish.  The club comes with two Maserati house cars with a chauffeur.  There is beverage service at the pool and on the beach.  The normal amenities are also available like a fitness center and spa.  The units sell for between $8 million and $30 million.

One Thousand Museum Downtown

One Thousand Museum is a residential tower going up in downtown.  This tower is not on the beach and still is getting rave reviews and a lot of attention.  There is a rooftop aquatic center that comes complete with an infinity pool.  The 62nd and 63rd floors have a sky lounge.  One of the most interesting features is one most people will never notice.  The building was designed so it doesn’t need any columns on the interior.

Beach House 8

Beach House 8 is a smaller development.  It has 10 stories of units including a duplex penthouse with five bedrooms.  The penthouse has over 6000 square feet of outdoor living space for the tenants to enjoy.  There is a 75 foot long pool and lounge area for residents to enjoy along with a yoga terrace.

These developments are some of the hottest in Miami right now.  These developers are catering to clients who have plenty of money and are more than willing to pay for what they want.

Which Home Listings Were the Most Expensive from 2013?

July 8th, 2014

Copper Beech Estate

Copper Beech Estate –

With the real estate market really turning around in 2013, many homes were listed for high prices. The luxury market is considered any home listed for $1 million or more. Here are just a few of the home listings topping the $100 million mark and becoming true trophy properties in 2013.

De Guigne Estate & Lands – $100 million

Found in Hillsborough, California, this estate is near the Golden Gate Bridge. The estate is one of the largest properties in the state with a 16,000-square-foot mansion on 47 acres. The mansion is a Mediterranean-style and was decorated by Anthony Hail.

Beverly House – $115 million

A home found in the Los Angeles, California area, the Beverly Home was listed for sale or rent. The rent started at $600K per month and the home is found just blocks from Sunset Boulevard. It sits on 3.7 acres and was home to William Randolph Hearst and many other celebrities have vacationed within the home. It features a 50,000-square-foot mansion with two screening rooms, wood-paneling, a library, two master suites and many other luxuries.

Crespi/Hicks Estate – $135 million

This Dallas estate is an architectural masterpiece and provides something not seen all too often anymore. It’s a 1920s-style home designed by Maurice Fatio. The home is 42,500 square feet in size and sits on 25 acres of land. It was owned by Tom Hicks, the former owner of the Texas Rangers.

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Copper Beech Farm – $190 million

The most expensive listing from 2013 was found in Greenwich, Connecticut. Copper Beech Farm is found in one of the most expensive ZIP codes in the country ad provides over 50 acres of land, along with a 15,000-square-foot mansion. The mansion has 12 bedrooms and was built in 1896. The estate also has more than a mile of waterfront property and its own private islands.

There were many expensive listings from 2013, but these were all found at the top of the list.