6 Super Expensive, Yet Useless Items

June 24, 2016

Gold Toilet Paper

When you can afford to buy whatever your heart desires, you are probably focused on the house of your dreams, a great car, amazing vacations, and belongings that make you happy. None of it is a waste if your home is full of great items for your family to enjoy, your car gets you around town, and those vacations give you the rest you need from work each year. What about those items you buy that don’t really have much purpose, other than looking great or making you smile?

You may be picturing those antique teapots or that expensive coat you’ve never worn. While you may think those items were a waste, you haven’t seen an expensive waste yet. Take a look at these six super expensive, yet useless items that you can actually buy with the right dollar amount.

A Roll of Gold Toilet Paper

That’s right. You can own toilet paper made of gold for $1.38 million. If you were tired of paying expensive grocery store prices for this never-ending purchase, you probably didn’t know that you can spend millions on this household product. It’s made by the Toilet Paper Man in Australia.

Since it’s made up of a three-ply roll of 22 carat gold flakes, you would literally flush your money down a toilet. If this is something you still desire, the good news is it’s safe to use and it would be hand delivered to your home to ensure its good condition.

Diamond Dog Collar

So you love your dog and he or she is your favorite companion, but would you trust your dog with handling your diamonds? Probably not, as dogs are known for their excited demeanor, hyper activity level, and ability to chew on almost anything. That’s why you buy Fido his own special bed, toys, outfits, and collar. While you wouldn’t trust your dog with your diamonds, you can actually buy your dog his or her own diamonds.

That’s right; now you can purchase diamond collars for your pets to make sure your furry loved one has the best accessories in the dog park. You and your dog will get to show off the $3.2 million, 18-carat white gold collar made with platinum and crocodile leather by I Love Dogs Diamonds. The Amour Amour Dog Collar will really make your dog sparkly but just watch out for theft. If someone finds your lost dog and knows how much you spent on the collar, there may be a large ransom out for Fido’s return!

Floating Bed

While most people will spend just about anything to ensure a great night’s sleep and a comfortable bedroom, there is actually a highly expensive magnetic floating bed for sale for $1.6 million. The problem with this purchase is that there is no proof the bed gives you a better night sleep.

You’ll feel like you are sleeping on air when it levitates 1.3 feet off the ground, but then you have to worry about falling off of it. While there’s no proof of it working, it will hold up to 2,000 pounds in case you want to have a party for everyone to sit on it. It may be worth the $1.6 million to find out if you’ll have better sleep.

Ruby and Diamond Pen

Everybody needs a pen, especially during the business day or by night when getting the number of someone you’ve met. You’ll jot down a note about an errand you need to remember to run or a meeting you’ve agreed to. The other truth about pens is that they are constantly lost and you are always getting someone else’s pen that they let you borrow.

That means your pen budget is probably low because it’s inevitable that you’ll be losing your own and gaining others throughout life. What were to happen if you spent $595,000 on a pen just to lose it to someone in a business meeting? That’s right; there is a pen this expensive made of 150 carats of Burma rubies and 15 carats of diamonds that’s also made with 18k white gold and platinum. This may sound dreamy but you’ll probably be too worried about damaging it to actually use it.

Diamond Contact Lens

Diamond Contact Lenses

Do you wear contact lenses to avoid the hassle of glasses? When you wear corrective lenses, you probably spend a great deal on getting the best quality and pairs that require less maintenance while being less harmful to your eyes. Have you ever tried colored lenses that allow you to change eye color for the day?

How about diamond lenses? While you wouldn’t actually want to wear diamond contact lenses, they do exist. For $15k, you can get diamond contact lenses to wear but they are likely to hurt to wear and to scratch your eyes causing damage. If you choose to display them, most would probably find it unappealing to look at. This is one of the most useless purchases you can make!

Lastly, you can spend just under $15k for a gold LEGO block for the child in your life that loves blocks. The problem is if you have to buy multiple LEGOs to allow for actually building something, the product will likely get scratched up when building.

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While spending money on unusual products can be fun, make sure that you can actually use what you’re buying rather than just admiring them and hoping you won’t lose them!

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