Apple Special Event new iPad Mini, iPad 4th generation, and Macs

October 23, 2012
Apple's iPad Mini

Apple’s Special Event is moments away from starting and Apple already delivered the first nice surprise to Apple fans worldwide. Live stream of the event is available. All you need to tap in is Safari 4 or later, Mac OS X v10.6 or later, Safari iOS 4.2 or later, or Apple TV second or third generation. We will be providing some updates throughout the event and after it so keep checking back with us.

The Audience is all ready in the California theater in San Jose California. Apple CEO Tim Cook is on stage promising to create a few good memories today.

Tim Cook talking about the new iPods introduced with the iPhone 5 as well.

iPhone 5: Sold out the first weekend selling more than 5 million units. Calls it the fastest selling phone in history.

Showing a video about iPhone 5 introduction in Apple stores world wide.

in under one moth 200 million devices are running iOS 6.

Tim Cook is talking about the new features available thank to the full integration of iCloud with iOS 6 and Mountain Lion.

A new version of iBook is introduced today with continuous scrolling. Better integrated with iCloud. Tap on favorite quote and share with anyone on Facebook and Twitter.

Turning to the Mac. Mac has been outgrowing the PC market for 6 years straight now. The Mac is the Number 1 desktop and notebook in the US. Mac upgrades coming up….

MacBook lineup first. 13 inch MacBookPro is the number one selling Mac. Brand new 13 inch MacBookPro. Thinner and lighter than the previous generation. With Retina Display!!! Facetime HD camera. Flash based storage. Starts at $1,699.00. Starts shipping today.

Apple Special Event New MacBookPro

Mac Mini. “You knew there is going to be something called mini in this presentation didn’t you?”. New updated Mac Mini. Starts at $599. Starts shipping today as well. “The world’s most energy efficient desktop”.

Next is the iMac. Next generation iMac is introduced to loud cheers.Edge is 5 mm thin.

Apple Event - new iMac Apple Event - New iMac

27 inches and 21.5 inches. Fully laminated to allow text and graphics to look like they are laying right on the screen. Anti reflective coating. 75% less reflection then previous generation. Facetime HD camera. Stereo sound systems that sounds even better than previous generation. Up to 768 of Flash or up to 3 TB of hard drive. Apple fusion drive. 128 GB of Flash and added 1 or 3 TB of hard drive. With software that makes it one logic drive. Best of both worlds. Super fast and large capacity. Starts at $1,299.00 (21.5 inches start shipping in November), 1,799.00 (27 inches start shipping in December).

Tim Cook back on stage to talk about the iPad. 100 Million iPads sold. “People love their iPads” says Tim Cook. iPad has been a game changes in Education. Tim Cook is talking about the impact the iPad has made on education in the US. Latest version of iBook Author is introduced. Is available today. Now moving to talk about the business sector.

Phil back up to the stage to introduce new cool stuff about the iPad. Lets see… 4th Generation iPad is introduced. New Apple A6 chip. Faster performance. 10 hours battery life. Facetime HD front camera. LTE performance. WiFi performance is twice as fast. latest connector, lightning connector. Twice the performance new features but the same price. iPad Mini is reveled.

Entirely new design. Incredibly thin and light.

Apple Event iPad MiniAS thin as a pencil. AS light as a pad pf paper. Comes in black and white. 7.9 inches on the diagonal. 1024 by 768. Same pixel amount as iPad 2. iPad Mini is compered to the Android tablet. Web surfing is about 50% larger for web surfing in portrait and 67% larger in landscape. Customized iPad apps offer great experience for the user. The technology inside is equal or better than the iPad2. A video about the iPad Mini tells the audience a little more about the iPad Mini. 16 GB WiFi $329. Lowest price yet. Also available with cellular configuration starting at $459.

So the big anticipated event came and brought with it all the exciting news everyone was waiting for and maybe a little more. After all Apple did decide to produce an smaller version of their iPad device and call it the iPad Mini. 4th generation iPad was also introduced. The Mac lineup received a huge upgrade as well. Looks like these Apple retail stores are going to be pretty busy this Holiday season.

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