Green Miami

August 21, 2012

The Greater Miami and the Beaches is primed to be a forerunner in protecting the environment, given that it is the only US metropolis between two nature preserves: the Everglades National Park to the west and Biscayne National Park to the east. Along with the state’s tourism community and local governments, the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau (GMCVB) acknowledges the significance of implementing environmental initiatives to maintain the natural beauty of the region.

Stay Green thru Accommodations

Efforts to conserve water are heavily promoted in Miami’s hotel and restaurants. For instance, these establishments and their potential customers are advised to reuse bed linens and towels and not have them replaced on a daily basis.

By means of the Florida Green Lodging Program, deserving hotels are awarded a Green Lodging designation for complying with environmental practices in areas such as transportation, air and water quality, energy efficiency, and others.

Play Green thru Parks, Recreation & Beaches

Greater Miami protects natural reefs with the Miami-Dade County Artificial Reef Program. Artificial habitats for marine life such as decommissioned ships and army tanks are dropped into the ocean, giving divers and recreational fishermen a destination while letting natural reefs to flourish.

People who prefer to spend time at the beach can enjoy a jogging path lined with native plants. To preserve cleanliness, the local government encourages communities to participate in beach cleanups.

The City of Miami Beach is also home to three species of sea turtles. To aid hatchlings out to sea, officials made the Turtle Nesting Protection Ordinance to control lighting in private and public lands.

Go Green thru Transportation

Greenhouse emissions are diminished by encouraging visitors to walk, bike, or use public transportation towards their destination.

When choosing public transportation, the Miami-Dade Transit provides Metrobus, Metrorail, and Metromover systems for easy access throughout Miami-Dade County. Eventually, hybrid electric buses that feed on biodiesel, complemented by solar-powered bus shelters, will replace existing vehicles.

Miles of bike lanes continue to be added every year, allowing a safer alternative of transportation. By swiping a credit card at kiosks conveniently placed all over the city, anyone can rent a bicycle. The bikes can be even brought on buses and trains.

Since most of Greater Miami’s visitors arrive at Miami International Airport, campaigns to raise environmental awareness begin there. A variety of tips from water conservation to reducing energy consumption are offered.

Govern Green thru Local Government Efforts

The City of Miami Beach formed the Sustainability (Green) Committee in 2009 to determine and advance practices that contribute to reaching a sustainable environment. The plan details factors such as green building, alternative transportation, and others.

On the other hand, the Miami-Dade County set up the Office of Sustainability in 2008 for a similar purpose.

GMCVN Efforts

The not-for-profit organization itself has carried out its own practices to be environmentally friendly. For example, its data management system called Destination 3000 gradually lets the organization become completely “paperless,” with e-zine versions replacing the traditional printed destination guides.

As the forefront in promoting people to visit the Greater Miami and its Beaches, the organization is devoted to touting the recent efforts made by the community in keeping their home a friend to the environment.

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