Latest Smart Home Technology to Give Your Home the Ultimate Luxury Feel

June 1, 2018

When you buy a beautiful luxury house in South Florida, you want to make into a special home for you and your family by customizing it to fit your desires. Whether you are traveling regularly, or if you prefer to stay local and use the amenities you have available in your own backyard, your luxury living space should be an expression of who you are and complement your lifestyle. Safety and security are important when considering how to outfit your home, but comfort and convenience should also be a priority when incorporating décor and technology into your space.

Upgrading your home into a “smart home,” is becoming easier with a variety of brands and gadgets to choose from when creating a technologically integrated home. With several major tech companies coming out with central command gadgets and smart home integration, you can choose exactly how you want to customize your smart home experience. When considering different brands, look for intuitive and accessible controls, and ask about how each piece of technology can enhance your user experience.

Here are some suggestions of smart home technology that will give your home the ultimate luxury feel.

Smart Locking Systems

When you’re away from home, you want to make sure that your investment and all the valuables inside are safe from harm. Consider securing your entries and exits with smart lock technology. This technology works off of apps on your phone, where you can lock and unlock the doors and entrances to your home. Most of these apps also give you the ability to see visitors at your door through a camera feed that is accessible through the app.

One smart home start-up company called “Latch” is working with developers locally in South Florida to install their technology in several buildings in the Miami area. Latch allows the user to lock or unlock any door in the building using the app. Another company, “August SmartLock Pro,” works with Apple’s Homekit, Alexa, and Google Assistant to lock and unlock doors through its app. You can even program some of these devices to work off of your phone’s GPS and unlock the door when you are close, creating an ease of entrance as you don’t have to fumble for your keys. With smart locking systems, you can check on the security of your home from anywhere in the world when you access the app on Wi-Fi.

Motorized Window Shades

Who wouldn’t love to sleep in a pitch-dark room and wake up to the sun? With motorized shades, you can program them to move up and down whenever you would like. You can create the experience of shades rising and falling with the sun, and complement that with interior lighting that automatically turns on as the shades fall in the evening. By purchasing a central network hub similar to ELAN Entertainment and Control system, you can work with the different technologies in your home to create a perfectly customized experience for your lifestyle and sleeping needs.

Smart Lighting

Lighting and technology go hand-in-hand whether your goal is to set the mood when entertaining or highlighting specific luxury assets in the home. For example, an ELAN system can operate the lights automatically based on the schedule you would like them to be on, and it can even coordinate the lights to synchronize to any music of your choosing. Additional smart lighting can be incorporated into your in-home art galleries, allowing you to showcase your prized art possessions in the lighting that best favors them. A system such as Lutron Homeworks Lighting and Shades can be integrated into your ELAN system and turn your home into an entertainer’s dream.

Indoor Security

In addition to your smart locking system, you may want to consider some additional security for inside your home. Interior cameras such as the Amazon Cloud Cam can be accessed through apps on your phone wherever you are around the world. Concerned about an activity inside the home while you are traveling? With easy-to-access cameras inside your home that can even be connected to your central command, you can take a peek at the interior of your home at any time, giving you the peace of mind to enjoy being away.

Smart Kitchen

In most homes, the kitchen is everyone’s favorite room. Take yours to the next level by incorporating the latest culinary technology. Smart kitchens can be outfitted with wireless kitchen devices and wireless power for mobile devices and others that you may need in your cooking space.

With a wireless kitchen, you have the ability to free up counter space and keep dangerous wires away from sinks and stoves. It is a truly practical luxury technology that is sure to win over the chefs in your family. URBANEER is partnering with the Wireless Power Consortium to release a wireless kitchen in the summer of 2018. The main feature of this kitchen is the countertops that feature built-in wireless power. This wireless charging will not only allow consumers to charge handheld devices, but also computers, and kitchen appliances such as blenders, coffee makers, and toasters right on the counter. By incorporating a wireless kitchen into your home, you are providing for the ultimate luxury experience.

Seamless Experience

The best part of making your home a smart home is the ability to cross-integrate your technologies to have a seamless experience whether you are at home, on your yacht, or in your private plane. With a central command unit, such as Apple’s Homekit or Amazon’s Alexa, you can enjoy your home entertainment preferences wherever you are. You can keep the family safe by ensuring all security features are set, as well as find your favorite entertainment settings ready to go while signed into your accounts from any location. Sign into your technology from you are, and your settings will pop up and give you that “at home” feel even if you’re on the move.

From safety to comfort and convenience to beauty, these luxury technologies can help you turn any luxury house into a smart home with an ultimate luxury feel.

For professional advice on all aspects of buying or selling real estate, please contact Audrey Ross at or (305) 206-4003 or visit her at the Compass office located at 2550 South Bayshore Drive, in Coconut Grove.



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