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Summer Kitchens and Luxury Real Estate

On August 5, 2011

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In today’s luxury real estate market, most luxury homes have been custom built with “Summer Kitchens”. If you are thinking about building a Summer Kitchen as an added feature for entertainment, here are some unique ideas to consider.
If your luxury home is on the waterfront, you will not only have the beautiful turquoise water as your backdrop but the balmy breezes that are so defining of our Magic City! Consider design ideas for your outdoor kitchen that are aligned in pool and spa areas. Fire bowls, , a water wall, exotic tiling are all compliments to the state of the art fridge, grill, pizza oven, ice maker, sink, and wet bar.
For inland luxury homes, discuss with your designer the different options such as spacious patio covered by a handsome wooden trellis. Beneath the trellis, consider use of space for the summer kitchen for the built-in gas barbecue, fridge for frosty beverages and prep items and a stereo cabinet already wired with surround sound.