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South Florida’s Mediterranean Luxury Homes

On October 14, 2011

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The Moorings in Coconut Grove

The rich history of South Florida’s Mediterranean architecture dates back to the Spanish explorations and discovery of Florida in the late 14oos, however, this style of architecture did not evolve in Miami until the start of the 1920s.  Miami’s humid tropical climate would be the major influence for this beautiful architectural style as the homes were built in a way that would provide relief from hot temperatures. .Some of the most common identifiable South Florida features of Mediterranean architecture includes influences from Spain, Italy and Morocco!

• Bright roofs – similar to Spanish missions
• Sloped, tiled roofs
• Arches and columns
• Heavy wooden doors
• Stucco finishes on the exterior
• Interior courtyards
• Balconies
• Several large windows
• White or bright painted walls

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