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5 Extravagant Gifts for an Extraordinary Home Life

On December 20, 2017

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From posh waterfront estates to sprawling exclusive condos, living in luxury is all about a five-star lifestyle. No world-class home is complete without indulgent amenities, accessories and features. With the New Year around the corner, there’s no better time to usher out the old and usher in the new, especially when it comes to your most precious private space.

Here are 5 fabulous gifts for an extraordinary home:

  1. Ornate plumbing fixtures. Bathroom fixtures don’t have to be boring. Opulent details can transform any sink or tub into your own indulgent spa oasis. We love the THG Paris Monte Carlo faucet designed with porcelain and white gold handles that feature ornate and classic crystal embellishments, which starts at $9,046.
  2. Add a new car to your multi-car garage. The best part of having a multi-car garage is what you get to park in it. The more room you have, the more automotive adventures you can embark on. Whether you’re the super car type who likes to go fast or someone who wants to kick back in first-class luxury while your chauffeur takes the wheel, or both, consider adding a new vehicle to your personal collection. Not sure where to start? Check out the Rolls Royce Bespoke, which goes for about $13 million, or a limited- edition special series LaFerrari Aperta, which sold for $10 million at a recent auction.
  3. Say it all with a statement furniture piece. The design of any room can be transformed in an instant with the right focal point. You’ll love to entertain with a brand-new statement piece; always a topic of conversation and envy. Try a mirrored piece of furniture that will mesmerize your guests and can even make a room look bigger simply with its fabulous reflection. We love this Arabesque Mirrored Console from the John-Richard Collection, which goes for $6,039.
  4. Brighten up your entryway with a knockout lighting fixture. Lighting sets a mood and creates the atmosphere in your home, particularly when it comes to creating a fabulous entryway. Think about the statement you want to make when your guests enter your home. You can opt for something minimal, industrial, grandiose, or fun like Italamp’s incredible S083 Chandelier, which consists of a metal structure and sustains its body in black crystal with iron grey finishes and details in black Swarovski elements and is priced at $26,180.90.
  5. Upgrade your home theater to rival upscale entertainment venues. Create a home theater that puts other entertainment venues to shame. With a state-of-the-art home movie theater, a cozy night in can feel just as authentic as a night out. Most home theaters are decked out with seating, lighting, stereo speakers and perfect picture screens, but what can help you take it to the next level? Consider adding authentic details that will make the experience memorable such as a deluxe ticket booth starting at $2,000 or a hardwood concession counter starting at $3,435. You could even opt to build a custom candy wall or to buy tablets that will allow your guests to order food and drinks from your chef while they watch the show.

An upscale addition can make anyone on your shopping list feel like the superstar they are. If you’re ready for a bigger purchase like a new home or even a vacation property, contact Audrey Ross for all of your luxury real estate needs: or 305-206-4003.

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