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Top 7 Ways to Get Your Bathrooms Ready for Listing

On April 17, 2017

Categories: Luxury Lifestyle Blog

prepared-bathroomWhen you’ve decided to sell your home, the best thing you can do is properly prepare it for the market. With the right repairs, cleaning, staging and marketing, your Miami home will sell quickly.

Certain areas of the home need special attention. The bathrooms are very important as many home buyers will pay close attention to what your bathrooms look like. If they are outdated, dirty or cluttered, buyers may not find your home as appealing.

Bathrooms can easily get cluttered with all the things we use in them. Taking the time to prepare your bathrooms for listing will make a difference in many ways including:

  • Better Listing Pictures
  • Look Clean and Inviting to Buyers
  • Small Repairs/Remodeling may Lead to Bigger Offers

The bathrooms of your home are often a focal point for buyers. Make sure you use the following tips to ensure your bathrooms are ready when you list your home for sale in Miami.

Get Rid of Clutter

There’s nothing worse than trying to take a potential buyer through a home for sale only to find it’s cluttered. Bathrooms can quickly get cluttered with soaps, shampoos, toothpaste and the many other products we use. When getting your home ready for listing, make sure all these old products are gone. Nobody wants to see clutter in the bathroom.

If you’ll be living in the home while it’s up for sale, only keep the things you absolutely need for the bathroom. It’s a good idea to create a toiletries bag and use it when you need it, but keep things out of the home when during showings and open houses.

Deep Cleaning

staged-bathroomA deep cleaning of your bathrooms will go a very long way when selling your home. Hire a professional cleaning service for the entire house, but ask them to spend extra time on the bathrooms. Cleaning the shower heads, drains, corners, grout and every other area of your bathrooms can go a very long way.

Small Repairs

When a potential home buyer comes through your home, they will look and touch more than you might think. If they try to open a bathroom cabinet to discover a loose handle or turn on the faucet and it doesn’t work properly, it’s a problem. Make sure any small repairs needed are taken care of before you list your home.

Bathroom repairs need to be addressed before any buyer comes to see your home. Make sure to have your home inspected and pay close attention to the inspection results for the bathrooms. A small leak can cause a huge issue and you want to avoid this before buyers start touring your property.

Remodel, if Necessary

Sometimes, an outdated bathroom is simply too much of a project for a buyer to take on. Many home buyers in the luxury market want turnkey homes. They want to move in immediately without the need to update and remodel.

If your bathrooms are outdated, it’s time to remodel. You may not have to go crazy to update your bathrooms to a more modern or trendy look. A little paint, tiling and decor may take your outdated bathroom from the 1980s to the modern era.

Wall Treatments

Maybe you don’t need to remodel, but the wallpaper has started to peel, the paint is fading or a tile is cracked. Addressing these small issues can actually add a bit of value to your home when you sell it. Making your bathrooms look shiny and new will impress buyers and they may be willing to offer the list price or even more.


bathroomA properly staged home not only has the ability to sell for a higher price, but it will also sell faster. Buyers looking for a luxury home in South Florida want to see the home at its’ best. Hiring a professional staging company will pay dividends when the offers start coming in.

Properly staging a bathroom includes adding the right towels, bathmats, shower curtain and other items. It needs to look like it belongs in the home. A good stager will make your bathroom appear very inviting and almost like you’re stepping into a luxury spa.

Prepare the Toilet

A dirty, dingy or old toilet will stick out like a sore thumb. If the toilet seat is worn or dirty, replace it. Make sure the toilet looks new and if you end up replacing it, choose an efficient ultra-low flush toilet. Adding the ability for a new buyer to save on their water bills may be the selling feature they desire.

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Paying close attention to the details may be the difference between selling your home quickly and for list price or waiting months and receiving low-ball offers. The bathrooms are very important and you need to prepare them for listing.