Perfect South Florida East Coast Wedding

September 13, 2012

Weddings are always magical. The union of two hearts deeply in love can be made even more memorable if they spend it at a yacht down South Florida’s east coast. The blue-green sea and white sandy beach is the perfect sight for any couple.

Sailing away to a perfect wedding is now easier with Tropical Sailing, Inc. Founded in 1999, the company has ports in almost every scenic spot in Miami. Choose to board from Fort Lauderdale’s Bahia Mar Yachting Center or at the Marina Baysand. Their charter service is one of the best, with their generous and luxurious offerings of breath taking South Florida yachts, sailboats and catamarans.

“We also have officiant and catering services. We can charter beach weddings. It’s like making every couple’s wish come true,” explains Director of Business Development Greg Lowe.


Lovebirds who want perfect beach wedding photos should get the sunrise or sunset package.

“The lighting at these hours is truly the perfect setting for a romantic wedding.”

Aside from the dramatic ambiance, Lowes said these times are perfect especially since Miami often experiences nice weather. Couples opt for these strategic times to ensure that everything would go as smoothly as possible.

Tranquil and peaceful

Tropical Sailing, Inc. also houses North America’s largest catamaran, the “Carribean Spirit”. The 125-passenger boat is the best option for those who want a large wedding party. The attractive vessel has spacious seating spaces and a sturdy platform for taking an open view of the sea.


Sailing catamaran “Spirit of Lauderdale”, meanwhile, is desired by couples who want to take advantage of the peaceful sea breeze.

“Catamarans imbibe a peaceful water setting. We advise this vessel for couples who want to keep their weddings a private and intimate affair.”

Lowe shares that couples should have a reliable event planner. Researching on the options is also very important.

“They have to do their homework first.”

Tropical Sailing, Inc., however, helps in the planning and execution of their customer’s special day.

“We find the perfect solutions. At Tropical Sailing Inc., clients aren’t customers. They’re our high-esteemed guests in our home.”

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