The Most Expensive Christmas Items

December 11, 2013

Christmas is a time to celebrate and it’s one of the best times of the year for many people. Some of the items, such as Christmas trees, ornaments and wreaths can be very pricy. Here are some of the most expensive choices in the world for Christmas.

Most Expensive Christmas Tree

Worlds most expensive Christmas Tree

Emirates Palace hotel 2010 Christmas Tree –

Valued at over $11 million, the most expensive Christmas tree in the world is found at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi. It will be on display from December 16th to 29th and isn’t just any other tree.

It stands over 43 feet tall and has over 180 different jewelry items hanging from it including:

•    Emeralds
•    Diamonds
•    Pearls
•    Sapphires
•    Other Precious Stones

The tree was even placed into the Guinness World Book of Records. The tree itself is only worth about $10,000, but the items hanging from the tree give it the value necessary to make it the most expensive in the world.

Most Expensive Christmas Wreath

World’s most expensive Christmas wreath

World’s most expensive Christmas wreath –

Pasi Jokinen-Carter, a famous florist from Finland designed a Christmas wreath with 40 diamonds and rubies. These gems have a total carat weight of nearly 139 and provides some of the most luxurious flowers, as well. Hedera berries, blueberry stems, Nobilis and lingonberry are found throughout the wreath. Its estimated value is over $4.5 million and it takes about a week to create.

This wreath has set a new world record and was placed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most expensive wreath ever created.

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Most Expensive Christmas Ornament

The ruby bauble from Hallmark Jewelers has created the most expensive Christmas ornament in the world. This ornament provides an 18-carat white gold bauble with 500 diamonds. The two rings are made of 188 rubies and it took nearly 130 hours to create. It has yet to sell, but it estimated to be worth around $130,000.

If you want to own one of the most expensive items for Christmas, you may be able to get the ornament listed and the wreath from above. Those just looking to enjoy the expensive luxury can view the most expensive Christmas tree during the holiday season.

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