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3 Things to Consider When Staging Your Home for the Holidays

On November 16, 2017

Categories: Ross Report

You know that staging a house to make it look comfortable for buyers is always an important part of selling it. If you are selling during the holidays, it’s a good idea to make sure decorations are enhancing and not distracting from your home.

Complement Your Décor

If you have a color scheme in your house, make sure your decorations match it and don’t clash with it. If your home colors are subtle and soft, don’t choose bold colored decorations. Don’t block beautiful views or distract from your interior with holiday ornaments.

Think Cozy, Not Cluttered

Create a warm vibe inside the home with small touches of decoration. Depersonalize your decorations, and avoid cheesy inflatable snowmen that may cheapen the feel of your home.

Skip the Tree

A big tree can make a room feel much smaller, and may distract from a home’s natural charm. Skip the tree if you want to sell, and stick with an evergreen scented candle for a classy, festive vibe.

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