Luxury Homes and Fine Art- The Latest Design Trend

On August 6, 2015

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Developers are taking luxury to the next level. Commissioning fine art pieces by some of the most prominent contemporary artists in the world for residences is the most recent trend in cosmopolitan Miami. While, there has always been a strong correlation between fine art and luxury real estate, world class architects such as Carlos Ott, Robert A.M. Stern and Zaha Hadid are breaking new ground in Miami’s stunning architectural landscape, incorporating fine art into residences so that these pieces become  the finishing touch to complete exceptional design. There is a natural synergy at play. Luxury home buyers are already investing in fine art and attending Art Basel, thus, incorporating the work of artists such as Helidon Xhixha, Richard Serra, and Julian Schnabel into home design makes sense; it caters to the high aesthetic standards of Miami’s luxury buyer

We are living in the second Gilded Age and real estate is the latest collectible for the wealthy. Commissioned pieces not only add to the design value but also the uniqueness of the home. This practice  supports the widespread trend toward both  customization and personalization. In hi-rise buildings, which can easily fall prey to sameness, risking  being painfully boring, the ability to customize  fills a significant desire to create unique stunning spaces. A personally commissioned piece of art by a world-renowned artist is a finishing touch that aligns with the demands of today’s luxury culture. Developers refer to it as the “artification” of Miami’s most  luxurious condos. High net worth buyers have high standards. With buildings designed by some of the world’s most outstanding architects, it just makes sense, and the trend  takes luxury to the next level. It turns these homes in the sky  into seamless places that combine the natural pristine beauty of Miami with haute design and some of the finest creations of the world’s living artists. It creates beautiful spaces designed that meet the demands of 21st Century living. It’s the couture version of architecture.

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