Top Condo Choices Found in Brickell

February 6, 2017

condos-in-brickellBrickell has been one of the most popular Miami areas for condos for many years. It’s known as a high-end market with plenty of luxury buildings throughout. From the amazing views to incredible features, there’s no shortage of luxury options in Brickell.

When it comes to narrowing down the top condo choices in Brickell, it’s necessary to look at many different factors. It’s not easy to choose which buildings should be named, as there are often very fine choices left out. However, after looking at the design, the management, the pending assessments, sales, competition and many other factors, here are the buildings we believe deserve the designation as the top condo choices found in Brickell.

Top Resale Condo in Brickell

Bristol Tower is the best resale condo in Brickell. This building provides a great investment for those looking to resell the condo in the near future. The value has increased the most out of any building in Brickell over the past few years making it a great investment for luxury condo owners.

Top Boutique Condo in Brickell

While boutique is usually just a fancy word for smaller, the best boutique condo building in Brickell is also the most exclusive. It has 120 units throughout and provides some of the top security features, along with amenities and plenty of services. Asia is the best boutique condo building found in Brickell.

Brickell Condo Building with the Best Management

Choosing a building that’s well run by the management makes a difference. While great views and amenities are nice, a good management staff and proper use of reserves and maintenance fees are very important. Carbonell is known as the best run condo building in Brickell. It has the lowest maintenance fees by square foot and the best pending assessments in the area.

Top Brickell Condo for Families

Another win for Carbonell, it’s not only the best run condo building in Brickell, but also the best for families. Families usually need space for kids to play and amenities for the entire family to enjoy. While many families end up moving to single-family homes in Coral Gables or Coconut Grove, those looking for condos in Brickell will enjoy what Carbonell has to offer.

Top Luxury Condo Building in Brickell

brickell-condosThere are several great luxury condo buildings, such as Four Seasons, Jade, Bristol Towers, Asia, Carbonell and Santa Maria. Not all can be named at the top luxury condo building in Brickell, however. Santa Maria provides many large units with incredible ocean views, along with plenty of services and amenities.

However, Four Seasons provides a resort feel with incredible in-house dining, a beautiful swimming pool and an Equinox Gym. Of course, you can’t overlook the luxury finishes and the amazing lobby found at Carbonell, either. The top luxury condo building in Brickell is a tie between Four Seasons, Carbonell and Santa Maria. Each provides something just a little different and will appeal to a different type of buyer.

Top Brickell Condos Based on Services and Amenities

Another very tough category to name just one condo building, when it comes to services and amenities, you have to look at Icon Brickell, Four Seasons, Two Tequesta Point, Three Tequesta Point and even Santa Maria.

Four Seasons should be at the top with the resort environment it provides. However, Icon Brickell provides the largest swimming pool, great restaurants, a spa and a gym. The only problem is the Cipriani building has had structural issues and many pending assessments due to cracks, so until it’s fixed and up to par, it cannot be the top condo in Brickell for services and amenities.

Two Tequesta Point and Three Tequesta Point could be put at the top. These buildings provide incredible services with a personal touch found in the full service neighborhood of Brickell Key. Another condo building deserving recognition for amenities and services is Santa Maria due to the marina, roof top gym and large number of amenities found throughout.

For now, the top condo building in Brickell based on services and amenities is Four Seasons. However, SLS will be opening soon and it will feature amazing amenities and services designed to compete with the Four Seasons.

Top New Construction or Pre-Contraction Condo Building in Brickell

There are so many to choose from and it’s hard to choose just one. SLS Hotel and Residences Brickell will certainly top most lists, while Echo Brickell, The Bond at Brickell, Brickell Flatiron and the Brickell City Center could all make it onto the list.

All of these developments are designed to compete with the top luxury condos in the area and will start around $700 per square foot. With private elevators, incredible fixtures, large balconies and high ceilings, any of these choices could make the list. However, the top new construction condo building in Brickell is Echo Brickell.

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There are several luxury condo buildings to choose from all throughout Brickell. If you’re looking for the best, choose one of the many buildings listed above.

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