Top Mega Projects Coming to Miami Soon

November 16, 2016

Miami is always under development in one area or another. It seems like a new project pops up just about every week and there are always a few projects in the planning stages. Here’s a look at some of the largest projects in the works throughout Miami.

Florida’s MiamiCentral

floridas-miamicentralA project found along the All Aboard Florida rail line to Orlando, it will actually be the last stop. It will cover nine acres with 200,000 square feet of retail and four total towers. The towers will all be mixed-used with plenty to offer.

While this project starts with an express train for passenger, it’s far more than just a place to catch the train. It will become a new downtown with residences, corporate offices, shopping, dining and so much more.

About 800 residential units are expected to be a part of the two towers. The first towers will open in 2017 and will cover 39 stories and 33 stories. Amenities will include basketball courts, dog-walking area, a pool and more.

There will also be a 10-story office tower. The retail portion of the project and the rail service to Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach are expected to open before the close of the year.

There will also be 33,161 square feet of retail and 96,996 square feet of office space in the headquarters building. In 2017, the second phase will begin with the 850-foot tower housing residential units and the hotel.

Brickell City Centre

brickell-city-centreWith about 70 retail stores and plenty of restaurants taking over the Brickell City Centre, it’s one of the largest projects on the list. Luxury stores will be found on the first floor with more contemporary retailers on the second and third floors. There will be plenty of retail options ranging from apparel to arts and even some services throughout.

The Brickell City Centre will also have two condo towers by the end of the year, along with two office buildings and the Miami Hotel. Some of the retailers you will find here include Nars, American Harvest, AT&T, Musart, Armani Collezioni, Addict, Pandora and more.

The City Centre will include a total of 520,000 square feet of shopping, 120,000 square feet of office space, 120,000 square feet for a wellness center and so much more. About 820 condos will take over the two towers and the hotel will features 243 rooms and 93 serviced apartments.

Miami Worldcenter

miami-worldcenterWith an open-are concept full of retail shops, dining options and more, the Miami Worldcenter is in the works currently. It will also be designed as an event place with a plaza space. The project will feature 450,000 square feet of retail space, more than 500 condos and a large space for events. It’s expected to be open by 2018.

The entire property will cover about 30 acres. It will be an urban core with a blend of retail, residential, hospitality and recreation. Over 600,000 square feet of convention space, more than 7,000 parking spaces, an 1,800-room Marriott Marquis and 4.5 acres of open space are all a part of the current plans.

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These are just three of the largest projects in the works in Miami right now. Many other projects are in the planning stages or currently under construction.

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