Top Miami Cuban Restaurants to Try

October 20, 2016

Cuban RestaurantsCuban food found throughout Miami is some of the best you will find in the entire country. Whether you’re visiting the city or you just moved here, trying some of the best Cuban restaurants should be very high on your list.

Most of the top Cuban restaurants in Miami are found in Little Havana. This is where the largest population of Cuban residents is found and some fine restaurants. Wynwood also provides a good choice and some other Cuban choices are found spread across Miami.

Here’s a look at some of the top Cuban restaurants found in Miami.

La Carreta

A Cuban chain offers some of the finest dishes in the area; La Carreta provides large portions and strong coffee. It’s a great place for sweet pastries, sugarcane juice and many Cuban dishes. The pastelitos and espressos are some of the best in town.

La Rosa Restaurant

Miami RestaurantsSince 1970, La Rosa Restaurant has been known as one of the best Cuban choices in Miami. It’s an upscale choice with plenty of great dishes, a pianist and so much more. The Lobster thermidor, crab-stuffed snapper and oxtail are some of the finest you will find here.

Enriqueta’s Sandwich Shop

The only Cuban restaurant found in Wynwood is one of the best in town. It’s inexpensive and the sandwiches are incredible. The Cuban bread makes these sandwiches so amazing because of the buttery flavor and texture. Try the steak sandwich, the frita or one of the many other great choices found here.


A very famous choice for Cuban food in Miami is Versailles. It’s known by most locals and many out-of-towners, too. The Cuban diner provides all types of options and it’s one of the best choices for authentic Cuban dishes in Little Havana.

Morro Castle

While the space may not be sure inviting or pretty, Morrow Castle provides a great place for Cuban dishes. It’s been a mainstay in Miami for a half century with plenty of traditional choices, such as pan con lechon and pan con bistec. The restaurant hasn’t changed in years and the prices have barely changed.

Islas Canarias

Miami Cuban RestaurantsOne of the staples of Miami, Islas Canarias provides some of the best crispy ham croquettes in the city. The menu is rather large and the dining room is very inviting. The ropa vieja keeps diners coming back and the service is very welcoming, as well.

Sergio’s Restaurant

La Flaca is what Sergio’s Restaurant is known for. This is a skinny girl menu filled with all types of great choice for those on a diet, yet craving Cuban food. The cauliflower rice, healthy salad and turkey ground beef are all found throughout this menu. They also feature a dog-friendly patio and late-night dining.

Havana Harry’s

For the newbie trying Cuban food for the first time, Havana Harry’s is the place for you. The menu is a mixture of Cuban, Spanish, Latin and American influences will all kinds of choices. Enjoy the vaca fritato steak sandwiches or one of the many other dishes found here.

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There are several great spots for excellent Cuban food found throughout Miami. These are just some of the top choices.

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