What are the Most Unusual Vending Machines in the World?

May 14, 2014
Gold to Go vending machine

Gold to Go vending machine – wikipedia.org

Vending machines have been around for ages and in the United States, we usually see them carrying a variety of snacks, soft drinks, coffee and a few other items. However, not all vending machines sell these types of items we are used to in the US. Here are some of the most unusual vending machines in the world.

Crabs – China

In china, you may wonder why they have vending machine with live crabs, but this is pretty normal for the country. This vending machine isn’t always stocked, but from August to October, the population cannot get enough of the crabs. They sell for about $3.27 each and the actual crab comes out alive!

Gold – United Arab Emirates

Maybe not a vending machine made for any other country, this one actually dispenses gold. If you stay at the Abu Dhabi’s Emirates Palace hotel, you can stock up on gold bars from the vending machine. It takes your credit card and dispenses your purchase, after charging you the most up-to-date price for gold.

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Mashed Potatoes – Singapore

Very much out of the ordinary, but very popular, you can take care of your mashed potato craving at a vending machine in Singapore. The machine has actually become an addition to a few 7-Eleven machines in the states, too.

Beer and Liquor – Japan

Maybe they know something we don’t know in the states with this vending machine. It’s really not a surprise that beer and liquor sell very well in a vending machine. However, it wouldn’t pass with the laws in the states. The machine does regulate in the middle of the night, so those cravings have to be a bit planned.

Lettuce – Japan

Maybe the strangest item found in a vending machine, Japan has a lettuce vending machine. Of course, this could be a way to keep the country’s population healthy instead of vending machines with all types of sugary treats.

These are just a few of the very unusual vending machines found across the globe. Whether you need to feed your rabbit or you need to stock up on gold bars, you can find an interesting vending machine to fit nearly any need you have.

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