What to Look for in a Luxury Real Estate Agency

June 23, 2016

Finding the right real estate agent under any circumstances can seem challenging. Finding experts in luxury real estate, though, comes with its own set of challenges, especially when it comes to Miami real estate. You will want to select an agency you can trust to protect your financial interests. You will also need to share a certain special chemistry with their agents.
It is more complex than simply calling the first number you see by the highway or taking the recommendation of a friend or trusted colleague. Finding the perfect agency—one with the experience, personality, and skills to meet your specific needs—requires serious planning.
We recommend you consider the following factors when selecting the perfect group of Miami real estate agents.

Full-Time Commitment to their Field

Buyers and sellers often work with part-time or hobbyist agents. Unfortunately, their partial commitment to the field is insufficient for handling luxury listings. A qualified agency should have full-time dedication to real estate in order to find and pursue listings, arrange showings, and negotiate sales—a process that must be fast and detailed in order to secure beautiful, high-demand properties.

Specified Knowledge of Their Real Estate Landscape

Purchasing a cabin in Aspen is a vastly different process than securing a loft in New York City or a ranch in Montana. Regional tastes, prices, expectations, property features, and amenities differ. Finding luxury properties in Miami—being its own competitive and unique market—therefore requires intense and detailed knowledge of local market trends, the price differences between homes in specific neighborhoods or with certain views, and how waterfront or beachfront access complicate the purchase process.

Specified Knowledge of Luxury Homes

Do not choose to work with an agency that is largely unfamiliar with luxury homes. Agents who specialize in starter homes or more affordable listings do not have the specific experience to handle complex, competitive, and valuable properties for which you are searching.

Several Years of Experience

The marks of an inexperienced real estate agent are clear: poor negotiating skills, few professional connections in the community, unexpected flaws with properties, and a severe delay in finding attractive listings in your area. Working with an inexperienced agent or agency can even result in you buying a home saddled with liens, working off inaccurate appraisal values, purchasing on non-inspected properties, or your purchase failing to close—meaning you could lose a home you have fallen in love with.
Always work with agencies with over 5 years of experience, according to the finance experts at Time. They also recommend checking that any agency that grabs your attention belongs to the National Association of Realtors, a reliable certification of quality agencies. If you are sure to find full-time agents with local knowledge, experience with luxury properties, and over 5 years of experience under their belts, you can trust that they will find you a new home so perfect for your tastes and budget, it will seem like it was made for you and only you. For more information, contact www.miamirealestate.com today.

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