Which Companies Pamper their Employees the Most?

June 23, 2014

Most employees go to work and collect a paycheck. Some are lucky enough to get a few extra benefits and others simply get pampered better than most could imagine. Here are a few of the top employers that really pamper their employees.

DPR Construction

One of the largest and most exclusive construction companies in the world, DPR Construction has constructed buildings for Stanford University, Pixar, Facebook, Genentech and many others. They treat their employees very well with plenty of perks, such as full medical and dental care with acupuncture, wine on the job in California and a saloon in Texas.


A company based out of San Francisco and providing cloud computing services to the world, Salesforce provides plenty of fringe benefits for employees. They give all employees six paid days off each year, which must be dedicated to volunteering, pay $5,000 in college tuition, give a wellness allowance of $100 per month for healthcare, health foods and other health programs and more. These benefits are in addition to the typical health insurance, vacation days and more.

Quicken Loans

The largest mortgage company in the United States pampers their employees in many ways. They provide great healthcare, on-site doctors, salons, catering services, free secured parking facilities, free educational seminar on many topics and much more.


A software development company with a different way of looking at business, SAS offers their employees unlimited sick days and many other interesting benefits. They also provide free childcare and healthcare benefits for all employees.


It’s pretty well-known that Google pampers their employees in many ways. Benefits include unlimited food and drink every day, free childcare, free haircuts, free gym membership including a swimming pool, nap times and so much more. They remain as the champion for pampering employees and keeping them happy.

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These companies all pamper their employees and many have seen sales rise, complaints lower and turnover come to a halt. Giving employees what they want and need makes a huge difference for all of these companies.

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