Which South Florida Artists are the Best?

September 12, 2016

Miami ArtSouth Florida is full of incredible art talent and provides plenty of local artists. With so many visitors coming to the area every year, it’s no surprise that many artists settle in the Miami area. Art galleries, art walks, marketplaces and art fairs are all very popular for local artists looking to show off their work. From driftwood creations to floral art, you’ll find a little bit of everything from the best local artists in South Florida.

Valeria Yamamoto

A Japanese-Argentinian sculptor, Valeria Yamammoto moved to Miami to continue her education in art. She works with porcelain and cement, mainly, but also works with a few other mediums when creating her sculptures. From smaller sculptures made of porcelain to large cement sculptures, when creates a bit of everything. Many of her works are inspired by the natural environment and organic forms.

Tatiana Cast

Creating wearable art, Tatiana Cast is known for all kinds of different types of art. She has painted wall murals for corporations, created photo art works and even created some ceramic works of art. Ms. Cast also teaches art classes and workshops and was the founder of the Guided Art Walks in Fort Lauderdale. Her style is rather diverse and she can be hired to handle corporate art and other projects.

Alexander Mijares

South Florida ArtistsA self-taught artist with Spanish and Cuban roots, Alexander Mijares creates many semi-abstract pieces. A number of his pieces are found across the United States in Miami, Los Angeles, South Hampton and San Francisco. Alexander was even chosen for the poster and cover of the Coconut Grove Arts Festival in 2014. Many of his works are done with acrylic paint and he has won many awards in South Florida.

Nik Satterfield

An artist using spray paint, stencils and many other materials, Nik Satterfield provides incredible folk art pieces. He’s always on the hunt for items he can upcycle and turn into a piece of urban art. Nik has used scrap wood, cardboards, metal, cloth and many other items usually found in landfills.

Nik’s career started at a very early age with graffiti-style art throughout the urban areas. However, it has developed into much more over the years and he’s available to create unique pieces for many different projects.

Romero Britto

Using bright colors and sharp edges, Romero Britto has created many pieces of art. His gallery is found on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach and his art has been exhibited in more than 100 galleries worldwide. Many celebrities have purchased pieces done by Romero. The pieces found in his gallery range from small to massive and come at a reasonable price for unique art.

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There are several incredible artists found throughout the South Florida area. Often, the work they provide is on display at the many different art fairs, festivals and events held throughout the year. All of these artists are considered to be the top choices in the area and they have all contributed to the incredible Miami art scene.

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