Which Sports Teams are the Most Expensive in the World to Watch in Person?

September 3, 2014
Att Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys

At&T Stadium – attstadium.com

Sports are one of the largest forms of entertainment across the globe. From hockey to baseball to football and even soccer, many sports draw millions of fans every season.

Whether you root for the underdog or the most dominate team, you may want to see your team play in person. If so, you should know if you’re watching one of the most expensive teams in the world. Here are the most expensive seven teams to watch in person.

New York Giants – NFL

The Giants are an expensive team to watch for sure. It will cost you at least $144 per person just to get in and that doesn’t even include parking.

New York Jets – NFL

Something about New York makes the Jets super expensive. Expect to spend about $150 per person without concessions and far more if you want to eat at the stadium. Just like the Giants, they play in MetLife Stadium.

Toronto Maple Leafs – NHL

A hockey team with a huge cost, you will spend about $152 per person to enjoy a game here. Of course, parking is extra and you can find tickets for a lower price, but the average is still much higher than most other NHL teams.

New England Patriots – NFL

Maybe it’s due to the success the Patriots have seen over the past decade, but they are expensive to watch in person. Expect to pay around $153 per person to get in and for a few concessions.

Chicago Bears – NFL

Soldier Field is not only historic, but also very expensive. The average cost for a Bears game is $155 per person.

New York Knicks – NBA

The third New York team to make the list, the Knicks will cost you about $158 per person if you plan to sit where you can actually see the game.

Dallas Cowboys – NFL

Probably due to the new stadium, the Cowboys are the most expensive team to see in person. It will run about $167 per person for a regular game tp enjoy this beautiful stadium and the massive TV screen found inside.

These are the most expensive sports teams to watch in person. Many others are very expensive, but these teams had the highest average. If you’re a fan of any of these teams, you may need to win the lottery to take your family to the ball game.

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