A Perfect Golf Swing Doesn’t Matter Anymore

July 12, 2013

If you’ve been searching for the perfect golf swing, you don’t need to any longer. Instead of trying to fix your swing, why not put a club in your hand that will make you look good no matter what your swing looks like. Of course, when you get a look at the Honma golf clubs, you may decide these are not the clubs for the course.

Honma 14-piece Golf Club Set


Honma honmagolf.com

The most expensive golf club set in the world is made by Honma. This is a Japanese company and they’ve made clubs for well-known celebrities, such as Danny DeVito, Marc Anthony, Donald Trump and Jack Nicholson. For just $75,000, you can own these clubs featuring 24-karat gold and platinum.

These clubs are made specifically for showing off to friends, family and others. If you collect clubs, they might fit perfectly into your collection, but they’re not exactly the right choice for the course. You wouldn’t want to scratch the gold or platinum.

Even though this is the most expensive full set of golf clubs in the world, it’s not the most expensive single club made. If you want to own the club that cost the most, you will need to fork over $150,000. That’s twice the price of the entire Honma set.

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Barth & Sons Golden Putter

the GoldenPutter

the GoldenPutter – the GoldenPutter

Made with a gold shaft, leather grip, head with crystal inlays and plenty of other expensive features, the First Lady Special Edition of this putter runs a mere $150K. It’s coated with 24-carat gold on the shaft and comes in a cherry wood case. The regular edition of this putter is only $3,000, which is still higher than most sets of golf clubs used by professional golfers.

Be Careful With Expensive Clubs

It’s not hard to find these clubs since they’re regularly manufactured, but the golf industry has an issue with “clone clubs” and these are top victims. If you buy any of these very expensive clubs, make sure you get them from the dealer or get them thoroughly appraised before purchase. You don’t want to end up with a copy or an imitation of these clubs.

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