Best Art Exhibits Coming to South Florida for 2016

May 24, 2016

South Florida has been known as a great destination for art for many years. Many art shows come through the area every single year and provide something you won’t find anywhere else. Here’s a look at some of the upcoming art exhibits you can enjoy for the rest of 2016 in South Florida.

Project Gallery: Romare Bearden

Perez Art Museum Miami

The Perez Art Museum Miami currently has Project Gallery: Romare Bearden art exhibit on display. This exhibit includes plenty of “Projections” which were originally produced in 1964. The country was going through many changes on the political and the social front and Barden captured many photographs of the time. The collection has been traveling since 2015 and will be in Miami until June 26th of 2016.

You can view this exhibit at the Perez Art Museum Miami, which is located at 1103 Biscayne Boulevard in Miami.

Acta Non Verba: The Art Of Marielle Plaisir

On display at the Museum of Contemporary Art this exhibit includes works from Marielle Plaisir, a French-Guadeloupean artist. View paintings, videos, portraits, drawings, tapestries and even paper mache when you visit this exhibit. The works are rather dynamic and very twisted. Many often state that this exhibit sends their imagination into overdrive.


Museum of Contemporary Art in Miami

From June 16th to September 4th, those in South Florida can enjoy the Intersectionality exhibit. This exhibit provides a look at many South Florida artists. It provides works shedding light on how some oppressive institutions are interconnected and must be examined together. This will be another exhibit found at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Miami.

Ivan Toth Depena

Locust Projects in Miami will provide the Ivan Toth Depena exhibit through the end of June 2016. This exhibit comes from an award-winning artists and will showcase his talent in lighting, geographic planes and linear art. Ivan’s imagery is quite remarkable, as he sees the story from every angle. He has been commissioned for works of art all over the United States and has won many awards along the way. This is an exhibit a true art lover cannot miss.

Project Gallery: Carlos Motta

Another Project Gallery from the Perez Art Museum Miami, this one will feature the worlds of Carlos Motta. His art attempts to shed some light on contemplator forms of social oppression. Motta works in multiple disciplines and his art explores gender, identity, minority culture and sexuality. This exhibit will start on July 14th and run through January 15th of 2017.

Stan Douglas: Luanda-Kinshasa

Stan Douglas looks at how photographs and film influence how we understand history. He takes the time to pay attention to every detail and utilizing live actors, props, costumes and more to create an amazing exhibit. You can enjoy this exhibit at the Perez Art Museum Miami from May 26th to September 25th of 2016.

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Many excellent art exhibits pass through the South Florida area every single year. These are just a few of the many that will be available for 2016. Other art exhibits will showcase local talent and many other artists, as well.

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