The Most Expensive Wearable Technology in the World

May 21, 2014
Zepp golf sense system

GolfSense – Wearable motion sensor + free mobile app

With some types of technology, you actually wear the item to get the most out of it. Some of these items only cost a little over $100, while other items are a bit more expensive. Here are some of the most expensive technology items you wear.

GolfSense Glove – $130

Maybe not a highly expensive item, but the technology allows you to get feedback on your golf swing. This item will help you to improve your golf game and when it comes to golf training aids, $130 is a bit expensive.

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Basic Band – $200

Basic Science created the basic band as a way to track fitness. It looks much like a digital watch, but it has six sensors on the back that will monitor biometric stats through your skin. This watch does quite a bit for a couple hundred dollars and it’s one of the most expensive heart monitors you will find.

Pebble Steel – $229

The newer version of the Pebble Smartwatch, this choice is a bit flashier and provides a colorful LED screen. It comes in stainless steel or black matte with a leather or metal band.

Skully Helmet – $1,000

This may be the most expensive motorcycle helmet on the market today. The Skully helmet has a rear and side view cameras built in and provide the driver with GPS navigation and more. You can pair your smartphone with it and play music or take calls hands free. For a safer ride, this is the only choice.

Google Glasses – $1,500

If you haven’t heard about the Google Glasses yet, you’ve been living under a rock in the middle of nowhere. This highly talked about type of technology provides a futuristic type of device with a screen covering one eye. They are only available in a limited edition and not in Canada yet. The glasses have a camera for point-of-view videos and pictures, along with apps for facial recognition and more.

All of these pieces of wearable technology are at the top of their industry. Some provide excellent ways to track your fitness, while others make riding your motorcycle safer.

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