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Home Design Trends for 2017

On February 9, 2017

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A new year usually means new trends in home design. It’s important to tap into what buyers want when selling your home. Keeping up with the latest home design trends can make a big difference before listing your home. Here’s a quick look at some of the hottest trends in home design for 2017.


Choosing the right color is very important when deciding to sell. Experts believe 2017 will be all about the bold reds and rich colors in the bedrooms, while beige and gray remain dominant in the kitchens and living areas.


If you plan to remodel before selling, buyers prefer upgrades for luxury and convenience. When the remodel makes day-to-day life easier, buyers are happy.


Instead of tile in the kitchen and bathrooms, many buyers are opting for marble. Typically, it’s seen in shades of light gray and white and used for tabletops, countertops, home accessories and flooring.

Docking Stations for Humans

Instead of adding a home office to a home, many buyers are looking for unique spaces they can use for work. These alternative areas are known as “docking stations” and may include smaller cabinets with pull-out desk surfaces or multi-functional areas.


Another option many are turning to instead of using a spare bedroom as a home office is a space outside the home. Shedquarters is a new term referring to a space similar to a tiny house, which is used for a home-based business or as an office. Experts expect these spaces to become very popular as a hybrid or flex space.

Built-in Bars

The kitchen trends won’t change too much from 2016 to 2017, but built-in bars have become very popular. In 2016, the trend was for a bar cart, but this twist will see home buyers looking for a traditional kitchen with a built-in bar.

Islands with Contrast

No longer are home buyers seeking kitchens with matching islands. They still want the island, but many are looking for an island designed to accent the rest of the kitchen instead of just blend in with the design. Use of contrasting colors in a tasteful way might just liven up your traditional kitchen.

Wood and White Kitchens

Another popular kitchen trend is wood and white. This trend basically uses white as the main color for the cabinets, while counter tops provide a wood or butcher’s block type of look. Some are even throwing in geometric shapes for a modern twist.

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Before listing your home for sale, take into account the current home trends for 2017. If you’re remodeling, embracing the trends may help sell your home faster and for a higher price.