Top Seven Holiday Editions of High-Dollar Spirits

November 18, 2013
Nikka Box

Nikka Box –

The holidays are a time for celebration and there’s no better way than with a holiday edition of your favorite spirit. Here are the top seven luxury choices for this year.

The Nikka Box

This gift set is an original choice and comes in a black cube-shaped box with a wood base. When the base is removed, it becomes a serving tray and the box come with a mini-bar of its own Six of the finest whiskeys are found within and only 500 of these will be made. It will sell for about $815.

J&B Tattoo Color: Sebastien Mathieu Edition

This rare J&B bottle comes with a silicone cover with all types of interesting tattoos. It was launched earlier this year and will be available again throughout the holiday season. You can get it in Paris at Publicis Drugstore for around $205 starting December 1st.

Parisian Tribute from Grand Marnier

Grand Marnier was born on Boulevard Haussmann in Paris and will pay tribute to its birthplace this holiday season. The bottle will feature famous street signs and the French capital with the city’s skyline. This isn’t super expensive, but it will be limited. It will sell for around $25.

Zacapa XO Rum in a Miniature Barrel

This special Guatemalan Rum will feature a case resembling a barrel with a bottle of Zacapa XO and two tasting glasses. It will sell for around $165 this holiday season.

Bombay Sapphire Limited Carafe

Bombay is opening a new distillery and honoring it with a limited edition carafe for the holiday. It will feature the signature blue and will make a great addition to your holiday table for around $160.

Belvedere Truffle and Vodka

Belvedere will feature a gift set with a 25 gram truffle, a special knife and a bottle of unfiltered vodka. This special gift set will be hard to find and will sell for around $275.

Johnnie Walker Blue Cityscape Series

Known as one of the best whiskeys in the world, Johnnie Walker Blue will feature a luxurious edition with cityscapes from around the world including Mumbai, Singapore, Hong Kong, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and more. These bottles will be available for $399 throughout the holiday season.

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