7 Quiet Luxury Brands Only The Rich Know About

April 30, 2024

The 7 Best Quiet Luxury Brands Only The Rich Know About            

For those unaware, “Quiet Luxury” is a style trend that has existed for decades. It steers away from the blatant display of labels and brand names on clothing and accessories. As per “Harper’s Bazaar,” the “Quiet Luxury” is defined by “clean lines, muted colors like brown, beige, or black, and either minimal hardware, or none at all. Subtle details such as tonal stitching and discreet branding add to a ‘quiet luxury’ bag’s sophisticated appeal.” This style appeals to the “unspoken social codes” of the upper class with its covert expression of affluence.

The top earners in our community appreciate the timeless appeal protected against the inconsistent cadency of trends. Here is our list of the best 7 “Quiet Luxury” clothing brands.


1. Loro Piana

Red-head model wearing khaki outfit

Loro Piana “Thayer Pants” (Cotton, silk)


Number one on our list is Loro Piana. The timelessly elegant Italian brand has been in the realm of quality clothing since 1924. Loro Piana perfectly illustrates the flavor of “Quiet Luxury”


2. The Row

White silk dress from the row clothing line

The Row “Folosa Dress” (Silk)


An American brand started by Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen, The Row is perfectly tailored for the “Quiet Luxury” tastes.


3. Bottega Veneta

Model wearing Bottega Venetta outfit and handbag

Bottega Veneta “Mini Wallace” bag in Cherry (Calfskin)

Next is a more well-known brand. Bottega Veneta is still discreet in terms of its outward expression within its haute styles. The contemporary pieces always denote a classic feel, bearing a look of modern-day-elegance.


4. Totême

Layered lace dress snow

Totême “Layered lace dress snow” (Polyamide, viscose yarn)

Scandinavian-inspired, Stockholm-based fashion brand. Only 10 years old yet have quickly established themselves in the fashion industry with timeless designs and a minimalist aesthetic. Pieces from Totême are easily integrated into a modern wardrobe.


5. Jil Sander

JIL SANDER Ribbed cotton-blend midi dress in chocolate

Jil Sander “Ribbed cotton-blend midi dress” in Chocolate (Cotton-blend)


Curated by German minimalist fashion designer, Jil Sander founded the luxury fashion house in 1968. To date, the elegant designs boast incomparable quality and style.


6. Max Mara

Ribbed viscose crop top - OPTICAL WHITE - Max Mara

Max Mara “Ribbed viscose crop top” in Optical White (Viscose yarn)


Another Italian contender, Max Mara, flawlessly executes the art of simplicity. Achille Maramotti designs Max Mara, considering it the expert of camel coats. He ensures all pieces are of the highest quality, designed to last a lifetime.


7. Khaite

White high-neckline dress from Khaite

Khaite “The Media Dress” in Glaze (Stretch matte viscose yarn)


Catherine Holstein’s brilliance is behind the brand Khaite. The New York-based brand offers styles for the most upscale tastes. Although founded in 2016, Khaite’s rise to be one of the most sought-after quiet luxury brands is well-deserved.

Quiet Luxury

This phenomenon, known as “Quiet Luxury” exudes refinement and sophistication through subtle details and a minimalist approach. It prioritizes understated elegance over obnoxious branding. Quiet luxury embodies an “if you know, you know” mentality. It advocates for investing in fewer, high-quality pieces, echoing the sentiment that “less is more.” Despite its hushed sensibility, this fashion trend has made a vibrant entrance into the limelight.

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