Discover Great Wine-Tasting Destinations Kept Secret from Most

October 17, 2013
Great Wine-Tasting Destinations

Mount Pleasant Estates –

The area of Monticello in Virginia was unsuccessful at producing wine grapes in the times of Thomas Jefferson, but that has certainly changed since. With nine major wine regions throughout Virginia, this is a great area for wine-tasting and so much more. Middleburg is a great place to start because it’s home to six of these wineries.

Boxwood Estate

One of the top vineyards in the area is Boxwood Estate. This 21-acre estate provides tastings on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for $10. For this small price, you get to try four wines, including the Decanter World Wine Award-winning Cab Franc and Merlot blend. You also get to keep the glass as a souvenir.

Boxwood is known as one of the most elegant vineyards in the region and provides plenty of great areas to explore. You can enjoy the circular cave where the wines age in French oak barrels and a full tour of the vineyard.

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Chrysalis Vineyards

About six miles from Boxwood, Chrysalis is another fine vineyard with excellent wine. The wine comes from native Norton grapes and this is other largest grower in the country of this variety of grape. With 412 acres, visitors can enjoy a tasting, view the Bull Run Mountains and enjoy the outdoor grill areas.

The final of three secret destinations is found in Augusta, Missouri. Most wine drinkers wouldn’t even consider Missouri as a place for wine, but this area was actually the first certified wine region in the country.

Mount Pleasant Estates

This ten-acre winery provides excellent choices and overlook the Missouri River Valley. You can tour the vineyard and enjoy the beautiful limestone cellars and all the history of the estate. Tastings are quite cheap for the quality and you will find many award-winning wines produced from this area every year.

All three of these areas are great for wine tasting, if you enjoy the unique. Most wine drinkers head to California or Oregon, but Missouri and Virginia are great choices for your next wine journey.

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