3 Long Lasting Coral Gables Businesses

April 24, 2017

Businesses come and go every single year. It’s not uncommon to hear of a new restaurant or shop opening and hear a few years later it has gone out of business. With the large majority of businesses failing, it’s not surprising when one does.

Not all businesses fail, however. In fact, some stand the test of time and last for decades. Most of the time, if a business remains open for decades, they provide great customer service. Here’s a quick look at three businesses in Coral Gables that have been around for many years because of the personal service they provide for customers.

Jae’s Jewelers

Jae's JewelersA jeweler with seven decades of experience, Jae’s Jewelers is owned by Bruce Hornik. He’s the second-generation family owner and has been in business since 1945.

Bruce’s father George Hornik, founded the business in downtown Miami as a watch shop. The store moved to Coral Gables in 1954 to Ponce De Leon Boulevard and again moved in 1956 to the current location at 237 Miracle Mile.

Until 1972, the shop was run by George and Helena Hornik. Locals knew them as Mr. & Mrs. Jae and Bruce became known as Jae Jr. when he took over the management of the shop.

Bruce Hornik also helped to found the Business Improvement District in Coral Gables in 1996. The organization has heled to revitalize the downtown area.

Jae’s Jewelers has many loyal customers found all across the United States and throughout central and South America. Many employees have stuck by the company, as well, with one working at Jae’s for more than 40 years and another for over 25.

While George Hornik may have fixed watched for $1 and sold leather bands for a quarter, the shop isn’t quite the same today. The jewelry store specializes in fine jewelry for all occasions. They buy and sell estate jewelry. Customer service is very important to the company and Bruce has even been known to deliver wedding bands for a bride and groom at the alter, if they are in a bind.

Coral Gables Dry Cleaning

Coral Gables Dry CleaningOpened back in 1930, Coral Gables Dry Cleaning is owned by third-generation family owners, Joe and Jessica Lancaster. The company has been in business for more than 80 years making it one of the longest lasting businesses in all of Coral Gables.

Augustus Littleton “Gus” Lancaster first started the business in the location at 250 Minorca Avenue. It was opened as a small laundry business, which was a huge need at the time since home washing machines were not common. Most people either washed their clothing in a tub at home or took it to a laundry service.

Gus Lancaster was actually exempt from military service during World War II because his business was labeled as “a necessary service.” During the war, the business, which was known as Coral Gables Laundry and Dry Cleaning, services Miami-Dade County’s many military installations.

Some of the most prominent residents in all of Miami have become customers of Coral Gables Dry Cleaning including, the Fairchilds, the Merricks, the Coca Cola Bottling Company, the Miami Dolphins and many more.

While the days of drivers picking up orders from customers in white uniforms with bow ties and black hats are gone, the Lancasters still provide incredible customer service. Coral Gables Dry Cleaning still picks up orders throughout South Florida and ensures drivers will show up on time.

Christy’s Restaurant

Christy's RestaurantKnown as a landmark in Coral Gables, Christy’s Restaurant was opened in 1978. With nearly four decades in business, the restaurant is a staple for the community. It has withstood the test of time, which many restaurants cannot do.

As an American steakhouse, it was a bit of a gamble at the time. Back in the late 1970s, fine dining was expected from French restaurants, but not from a steakhouse. However, the restaurants managed to become a fixture din South Florida and has been in business ever since.

From the beginning, customers were seated by tuxedoed staff and Christy’s quickly gained a reputation for service. Many of the workers have been at the restaurants for more than 20 years and the kitchen staff has more than a century of experience combined.

No matter the dining trend, Christy’s has always thrived in Coral Gables. Even with the new celebrity chefs and chain restaurants coming in, Christy’s still remains one of the most popular restaurants in all of South Florida.

The restaurant is found at 3101 Ponce Del Leon Boulevard in Coral Gables.

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All three of these businesses have withstood the test of time in Coral Gables. They are not still in business just by chance. The personal service provided by each keeps customers coming back for more and trusting each of these businesses with their specific needs.

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