Outrageous Hats with Outrageous Price Tags

September 3, 2013

If you’ve attended the Kentucky Derby, you’ve seen some amazing hats. However, you might not have seen the most outrageous hats. Some hats sell for high prices and provide a very interesting look, while others are just over the top.

A $2.7-million-dollar Hat

Chapeau d'Amour

Chapeau d’Amour – http://trouvaillesdujour.blogspot.com

Alicia Witt modeled a very expensive hat in London, called “Chapeau d’Amour” or “hat of love” and was designed by Louis Mariette. Mariette is a couture designer and created this had of woven platinum with diamonds. The hat was inspired by bluebells and ivy.

Valued at $2.7 million, this is the most expensive hat in the world. However, if you love to collect hats, you can’t own this one because it’s not for sale.

Expensive Hats You can Own

Deep Blue Sea Hat

Deep Blue Sea Hat – bonhams.com

One of the most expensive hats you can actual own is called the “Deep Blue Sea.” This hat was created by Ann Maree, Vicki Drackett and Peter Drackett. It’s made of Australian felt and decorated with 26 opals found in Lightning Ridge Australia. The opals were carved by Christine Roussel and Daniela L’Abbate. Each opal is set in either 18K gold or sterling silver and were set by Gerd Gerold Schulz.

The hat is privately owned and was last sold in an auction in San Francisco. The price of the has wasn’t revealed, but it was expected to go for at least $150,000 at the auction.

Another hat you can actually own is a Panama Hat with plenty of significance. The Panama Hat Company, owned by Brent Black creates excellent hats in Ecuador. They range in price from $5,000 to $100,000, for the top end hats. As the Panama hat begins to replace the fedora in popularity, this is one you can consider owning.

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The $100,000 hat is known simply as, “The Hat”, and it’s made of finely woven Montecristi Panama. This is the best toquilla straw found in the world and woven by experts into the perfect hat. Only three to four hats are created per weaver each year, which makes these, not only fine and fashionable, but also very rare. Simon Espinal is one of the best weavers in the history of hats and the highest paid by the Panama Hat Company.

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