Your Own Secret Garden

On June 16, 2016

Categories: Ross Report

Whether you have a huge lot or you live on a city lot with just a little bit of space, creating your own secret garden can provide privacy and plenty of fun. Adding colorful planters, green screens for climbing plants and the right winding pathways, can transform just about any space into an oasis of your own.

Planning Your Garden  The key to creating a secret garden is planning. You want to create the right base for your garden and consider where you’ll be happiest when you sit and enjoy the space. Don’t simply imagine being outside, but take it a bit further and bring a chair outside. Consider what you want to see when you sit there, beautiful flowers, birds flocking to a feeder or a waterfall?

Consider the Rocks  Rocks can bring your garden together. You can add a rocky landscape with beautiful stones to help give your garden the right feel.  You can also incorporate rocks if you plan to add a water feature.

Climbing Plants  One of the best ways to create privacy is with climbing plants. You want to choose plants capable of climbing over rocks, fences and other structures you add to your garden. Make sure you choose plants that are hardy and will grow in your region.

Creating a secret garden will give you a wonderful outdoor area to escape and relax. Plan it out correctly and you may find yourself relaxing more outdoors than indoors.

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