What Makes the Florida Keys so Unique?

September 15, 2014
luxury home for sale in the florida keys

Relax and enjoy the water in the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are known as one of the most luxurious areas in the entire state. This area of Florida provides many things you just cannot find in other parts of the state or even the world.

At the southeastern tip of Florida, the Keys start and stretch south. This group of islands is perfectly situated to allow for many waterfront properties, amazing views and water activities. Many of the homes range from $1 to $2 million and some are more expensive.

Luxury Amenities and Water Activities

When you arrive at the Florida Keys, you will realize quickly, this is a community about boating, fishing and other water activities. The coral reefs around the islands make this one of the top diving spots in the world. Many residents spend the majority of their time on, near or in the water.

Luxury home for sale in Islamorada Florida Keys

Enjoy the amazing pools that the luxury homes in the Florida Keys have to offer

Along with the many water activities found throughout the Keys, many luxury amenities are also found here. Homes featuring amazing swimming pools, private boat docks and private beaches are just the start. Residents enjoy plenty of other luxury amenities throughout this amazing island community.

Incredible Golf

Along with the water activities, the Florida Keys are known for one of the best golf communities in Florida. The Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo is one of the prime spots for those seeking a golf community with an island feel. Another top community for golfers is the village of Islamorada. Both provide a unique experience and many believe the greens at the courses here are some of the best in the entire world.

From the amazing water activities to the golf, the Florida Keys are quite unique. The blue-green water makes this area of Florida very popular and the privacy found throughout is another huge draw. Of course, the world-class fishing, boating and diving bring plenty of visitors and new residents throughout the year, too.

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