Where can You Dine at a Michelin-Starred Restaurant Without Breaking the Bank?

May 15, 2014
Laut in New York City

Newy York’s Michelin stared restaurant Laut – lautnyc.com

It’s impossible to find a Michelin-Starred restaurant for fast-food prices, but if you want to dine at one without spending thousands, you can. There are some top restaurants with lower prices that will allow you to enjoy an incredible meal and something else after. Here are a few of the most affordable Michelin-Starred restaurants in the world.

Laut in New York City – 1-star

This New York City restaurant has been awarded one Michelin star and provides Malaysian, Singaporean, and Thai cuisine. The Asian Cuisine here is amazing, but you won’t have to drop $100 just for one sushi roll. Instead, you can actually dine here for lunch for around $28 per plate. However, if you come for dinner, expect higher prices.

Hand and Flowers in Marlow, UK – 2-star

The quiet town of Marlow is home to a high-quality gastropub that has been awarded two Michelin stars. The best part, you can dine here for about $11 per course. Hand And Flowers provides two-course lunches and three-course dinners with plenty of excellent options.

The Spotted Pig in New York City – 1-star

Another New York City spot with a Michelin star, The Spotted Pig is a great choice. It’s known for celebrity chef Mario Batali and the owner Jay-Z, but more than just the celebrity power, it’s an affordable place for a great meal. Entrees only average about $16 each and you can choose from a mix of Italian and British cuisine.

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Tim Ho Wan in Hong Kong – 1-star

Maybe the most affordable Michelin star restaurant in the world, Tim Ho Wan has an average price of $6 for some of the bets dim sum you will taste. This is a very popular place and even though the price is low, expect to wait in a very long line for your meal.

These are just a few of the Michelin-Starred restaurants most can actually afford. If you’ve always wanted to try a meal at one of the best restaurants in the world, but thought you couldn’t afford it, any of these will provide just what you desire.

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